Chapter 180: Doris Cleans Westley's Wounds

1102 Words

Westley eyed the old Gates carefully as he slowly stepped between him and Doris. Then he touched the tip of the old man's pistol and said, "If you want to shoot Doris, you'll have to shoot through me to get to her." The old Gates: "You bastard!" Anger burned in Wesley's eyes as he glared into the old man's eyes, and in a voice as cold as ice, he said, "There's something you need to understand about me: The more you want to destroy something that belongs to me, the more I want to protect it, and I would even risk my life to oppose you." Westley's statement shocked the old Gates. He was so angry that he threw the only thing he could throw: the beads on his wrist. The beads were extremely light, though, and Wesley hardly felt a thing. But when they hit the ground, he was suddenly reminded

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