Chapter 186: A Very Good Place To Raise A Fetus

1004 Words

When Doris got into the car, the first thing she did was check her phone for any missed messages, and she was shocked to see dozens of texts from Lucas – and to her dismay, the first one said: "Doris, I still love you, and I miss you very much." Doris felt like throwing her phone out of the window when she read that, but she managed to stay composed. What is he thinking? – she wondered – Surely, he must know that we are not getting back together! Doris closed her eyes for a moment to gather her strength, and when she opened them, she started to read the rest of the messages. Lucas: "The sun is shining brightly today. I am sitting under a large maple tree, shaded by dappled trees, and thinking of you. I am thinking about the day you walked into the classroom. I looked up. There you were,

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