Chapter 187 Booby Trap

1259 Words

The Beverly villa was more than just the moderate house that Westley shared with Doris, Helen, and all staff. What made it what it was - what made it special - was the grounds. There was the view, the trees, the animals, and the other buildings. These included servant accommodations, a shed, two guest houses, and the stables. The stables were seldom used, though, so when Helen heard the sound of a horse-drawn carriage coming from that direction, she was more than a little bit surprised. Who is that? – she wondered. She looked around the room, but there was no one to ask. When Doris and Westley came in, he had gone directly to his study, and she had gone to her room – and after greeting them, Elma had drawn herself a mineral bath to help with her wounds. The carriage looked European. It

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