Chapter 188: There's Something About Doris

1167 Words

Once they were alone, Westley examined Doris from head to toe. "Are you sure that you are okay?" "I'm fine," Doris said. "I think I'd like to go for a walk, though." Westley scooped up her hand and said that he would join her. She pushed him away, though, and told him that she wanted to be alone. "But it's not safe," Westley argued. Doris: "I don't care. This villa feels like a prison, and it's not like I'm any safer in here than I would be out there, as today has shown us." "Why do you feel like this place is a prison?" Wesley asked. Doris sighed and wordlessly turned away. She had thought that once she was a permanent resident of the villa, everything would be fine. But then Helen and Elma moved in, and now that she had Crystal to contend with and the death traps, she felt overwhe

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