Chapter 189: Westley Has An Episode

1099 Words

Hellen smiled as she brought the phone to her ear and said hello to her Grandfather. The old Gates: "Helen, have you settled down? How is everything? Are you used to living there yet?" Hellen: "I'm fine. Crystal is here. Everything is good, so don't worry." The old Gates: "Okay. I feel better knowing that Crystal is there with you." Hellen: "Thank you, grandpa." The old Gates: "Does Wesley treat you well?" "Um..." Helen hesitated for a moment too long. The old Gates: "Put him on the phone." Helen paused for a moment, and then she handed Crystal's phone to Wesley. "Here," she said. "Grandpa wants to talk to you." Wesley accepted the phone but said nothing. He was waiting for the old Gates to speak first. The old Gates: "Don't think that just because you are at the manor, I can't

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