Chapter 159: Fare's Fair, And After Care

1025 Words

Westley glared at Doris through the rearview mirror and said, "From now on, if you need to go somewhere, I will drive you. You will not walk, take a taxi, or ride the bus. Do you understand me?" Doris gave Westley an incredulous look. "How will you hold up your end of the deal?" she asked. "You are a busy man. You can't just drop everything and be available to be my driver 24/7!" Wesley grunted noncommittally and didn't say anything. When they arrived at the supermarket, when Doris got out of the car, he followed after her. "Hold on!" he shouted. "Do you think you can leave without paying your fare?" Doris was stunned. She had not expected him to ask for a payment for the ride. "How much do I owe you?" she asked. Westley grinned and puckered his lips. "The price is not high," he said.

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