23 The Slap On The Street

994 Words

  After Mr. Ford left, Doris's Father confronted her about the true identity of Westley Gates. He believed that because she had signed away her rights to his fortune, that there must be something about him that she wasn't saying – and Venessa's constant grumbling only made matters worse. She had assumed that the expensive handbags that Mr. Ford had brought were for her, and it had been hard for her to watch when he'd taken them away with him. After all, there was one bag in particular that she had wanted for a very long time. As she and her Mother watched Doris leave from an upstairs window, Vanessa complained to her mother, saying, "Mommy, did you see how arrogant that b***h was? Who would have thought that the presents would be for her! And that Principal Ford must be a fool, otherwise

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