24 The Call From Tiffany And The Welcome Back Party

1084 Words

  Lucas stepped forward to hug Doris, but she stepped backward. She gave him a look of disgust and said, "Did you honestly think that I would wait for you?" Lucas flinched at her words as if he'd been struck. "I know that my proposal is very selfish," he mumbled, "but why are you so hard on me? Is it because of Wesley Gates? Are you two serious? I know you're not actually together. You just want to make me jealous, right? Doris, an unreliable man like him is not suitable for you. He will never take you seriously!" "He's unreliable?" Doris hissed. "Compare to you, he is a saint!" Lucas's face turned white as Doris's words sunk in, and he finally let her arm go, and when Doris walked away from him, he made no further attempt to pursue her. I hate this! – Doris thought to herself, as sh

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