Chapter 214: From The Doctor's Office To The Breakfast Table

1109 Words

Clark clung to his mother as she carried him to his Father's car. He was terrified that someone would take him away and that his mom would leave without him. He nuzzled against her, and the smell of her perfume offered him some comfort, but not enough that he was able to stop crying. Paul climbed in behind the wheel. Doris took the seat behind him, and Nancy sat with Clark beside her. Clark was afraid that his Father would send his Mother away, and he had insisted that they sit as far away from him as possible. Clark hadn't even wanted to go to the hospital, but he had been injured while climbing down the tree, and his mother had insisted. As the car pulled out of the driveway, Nany glared at Paul's image in the rearview mirror. When he looked up, he saw her stroking their son's little

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