Chapter 213: Vic And Westley Come To

1045 Words

Clark's mother had once told him, "If you ever need me, but I am not around, look to the sky. Even if you cannot see me, you can know that I love you and that I am thinking of you." The higher Clark climbed, the closer to his Mother he felt. When Paul saw his son, he began to panic. "Don't worry!" he shouted. "Daddy will get you down from there!" When Clark saw his Father, he was so afraid that he wet his pants. "Don't come up here," he cried. "You are all bad guys. Even you, Daddy!" Where is my Mommy? – Clark wondered. She had said she was on her way, but he had not seen her yet, and he was beginning to wonder if she would show. One of the servants shouted up to him: "Little master, don't move! I am coming up!" When Clark heard that, he began to scramble up the tree as fast as he

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