Chapter 212: Clark's Climb

947 Words

  Nancy's ire began to rise. She glared at Doris and said, "That was Paul. Why did you hang up on him like that?" Doris smiled and said, "This is part of the plan. We are going to build up some mystery around you and play a little game called Hard-To-Get. So, do not do anything without my say-so. Do you understand?" A shark-like Cheshire's grin appeared on Nancy's face, and she said, "Oh, Doris! You are so wicked. I love it. How did you get to be so smart? Doris shrugged and said, "Maybe it's Maybelline." And both girls broke into a fit of giggles. They went into Nancy's room together, and while she was dressing, Doris noticed a mark on her arm that she hadn't previously seen. She pointed to it and asked, "What happened?" Nancy frowned and said, "I was kicked a while back, and I fell

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