Chapter 211: The Photo Shoot

1077 Words

Doris adjusted the camera and took a picture. The camera made a clicking sound, and Nancy changed her pose. The water in the tub splashed up the side of the tub, exposing her breasts, and the camera captured the moment. "There we go." Doris laughed and said, "Just a few more, and then we'll be done." The luxurious bathtub was made of transparent crystal. Ceramics surrounded it, and the room was lit by candlelight. The effect created a plethora of shadows, with each one going in a different direction. It was very sexy. There was a light sheen on the water from the Foam Bath, and rose petals floated prettily between Nancy's legs. Nancy had a champagne flute in her hand. She took a sip, and she flinched when she heard the camera click thrice more. She had been resistant to this nude photosh

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