Chapter 195: Over A Barrel

1080 Words

Vic had been standing guard outside Westley and Doris's room all night, and by the time the sun began to rise, he was famished. There hadn't been any problems all night, and it seemed that everyone was asleep, so he didn't see any reason not to go downstairs and toast himself a bagel. He was only gone for about three minutes, but when he returned, he immediately regretted going. From the hallway, he could hear what was going on in the bedroom, and he knew right away what had happened: The medication that Crystal had given him was not the antipsychotic his boss usually took. Now the other Westley was in control; the He who called himself Gerald. Vic let the bagel drop to the floor, and when he barged into the room, he was not surprised by what he saw. "Sir!" he shouted. "Stop it!" Westle

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