Chapter 194: The Other Westley

1135 Words

Westley's ire began to rise when he saw what was in the box. It was a tusk from a wild boar; the 500 kilograms boar that he'd killed when he was only nine years old. As he stared at it, his mind began to flood with images from that day, and his head began to ache. "My pills!" he cried. "I need my pills!" Wesley pressed against his temples with his knuckles. It felt like his heard was in a clamp, and it was getting tighter. He grabbed at Vic's jacket as the pain brought him to his knees. Vic turned and glared at Crystal, and when he saw that she was smiling, he wanted to kill her. "You little b***h!" he roared. "You did this! It is all your fault!" Crystal chuckled and said, "Chill your t**s, Daddy-o." Then, much to his surprise, she produced a brown bottle from between her breasts and

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