Chapter 193: Vic's Secret

1183 Words

"Aren't you going to take the pills yourself? Crystal asked. She looked Vic in the eyes and said, "I bet you want to take them, you pervert!" Without warning, Vic backhanded Crystal across the face. "No more games!" he shouted. "Give me the f*****g medicine. If you don't, there will be more of that in your future!" Vic raised his hand in the air to show that he was serious, and when Crystal saw it, her whole body began to shake. "Alright," she cried. "I'll give it to you," and without any further to do, she retrieved the bottle from her private pocket and handed it to Vic. "There. Are you happy?!?!" Vic shrugged and held the bottle up for Westley to see. "Happy enough," he replied. Now that he had taken the bottle, he made his way back to the pool's edge. Then, once he was out of the

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