Chapter 72: A Debt Owed

999 Words

Westley looked at Doris and said, "Damnit. I forgot that I was meeting my Dad today. I hate to abandon you on your Birthday." Doris: "That's okay. I have an appointment with Lydia." Westley: "I will wait for you at home tonight." "Oh, did you still want to give me a birthday party? What if I can't come back?" Doris said half-jokingly. "You wouldn't dare stay away!" Wesley said with a playful smile. On her way out, Doris laughed as she passed Andy. She said, "See you later, Andy. I'm off to get an abortion!" Andy's mouth was full of water, and he nearly choked on a mouthful. "So funny," he said sarcastically, once he'd gotten his coughing under control. Doris: "Does your company only recruit men?" Andy shook his head and said, "Accurately, we only recruit married men." Doris lower

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