Chapter 74: Searching For Lydia

1259 Words

Lydia watched the interaction between Downy and their boss, and when he returned to the stage, she went over to talk to him, intercepting him half-way so that they wouldn't have to shout over the music. "I saw Johnny talking to you," she said. "You didn't get fired, did you?" "No," Downey replied. "I didn't get fired." He sighed. "I may as well have, though. What a bummer…" "What the hell happened?" Lydia asked. "It's nothing," Downy replied. "Johnny told me to give Doris this business card and ask her to call the number on it." Lydia snatched the card from Downey and read Erick Bush's name out loud. How did he find Doris? – she wondered. And why did he ask Downey to give this card to her? Has he recognized us? Lydia waved Doris over and explained everything to her. And when Doris saw

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