Chapter 73: Birthday Party

1060 Words

Andy gave Westly the awkward eye. One minute his boss seemed to be decisive and cruel, and the next, he was like an immature and innocent schoolboy suffering from his first case of puppy love. Oh, boy – thought Andy - Don't tell me this is the first time he has dated someone! After a moment's consideration, he said, "Girls usually like gifts that are prepared with the heart." "Prepared with the heart?" Westley murmured with his brows furrowed. "Put some genuine thought into the gift," Andy clarified. "It doesn't have to be expensive. Things like hand-woven scarves, love letters, home-made chocolates, well-chosen dolls, or sentimental cards often go over better than pricier items." Andy paused and smiled at the thought of his boss working with knitting needles or baking chocolates. We

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