Chapter 75: If You Want To Be A Hero

1140 Words

Lydia was as naked as the other women, and she was lying in the arms of a strange man. His name was Richard, and he was groping her breasts and playing with her n*****s. He looked up at Doris, smiled, and said, "Come and play with us." Doris glared at the man and said, "Let her go, you piece of s**t. If you don't, I'll call the police." The man laughed and said, "Go ahead and call the police. If you think you can." He nudged the man beside him. "Officer, this b***h wants to call the police. You want to deal with her?" "I'd love to," the officer replied. He showed Doris his badge and said, "Come here, b***h. Do you have a problem you want to report?" The officer stood up and tried to grab Doris's arm, but she dodged it easily. The officer laughed and said, "You wouldn't dare resist an

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