29 The Fate Of Mr. Ford And A Performance To Remember

1013 Words

  It occurred to Doris, then, that her situation was hopeless, and she stopped struggling. Then, instead of fighting off his advances, she began to return them. Her hands began to climb up his neck, her fingers passed through his hair, and she returned his kiss with vigor – and they continued to kiss passionately until they were both breathless. Doris's lips were red and swollen, and when Westley brought his hand up to touch them, she bit down hard on his fingers. Westley shouted out in pain and anger as he pulled his hand away. "You b***h!" he hissed. "Are you a dog? Is that the reason why you like biting people so much?" Doris growled and said, "I am a she-wolf, and I do like biting very much, but I never bite humans. I made an exception for you, though, because you're not much of a

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