30 Pull Over

1084 Words

  Doris raised her eyebrows as she ran her cold fingers across the top of Westley's silky shirt. She paused in the middle when she came to the top button, and she rolled it like a gem between her thumb and forefinger. She looked him in the eyes, smiled, and slipped the button free from the eyelet. One button – she thought to herself, and then – two. Westley raised his lips into a playful, sexy, smile. Three buttons – Doris was counting each in her head and using it as a device to keep herself calm – Keep Calm and Chive On - she told herself. The tip of Doris's finger accidentally touched Westley's chest muscles as she exposed them to the air, and he flinched – Four Buttons. His chest was flat and hard, and it felt very hot. Suddenly, Westley grabbed Doris's hand, and she couldn't move

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