Chapter 153: Saved

1064 Words

When Leslie's phone rang, she was not surprised that it was Arnold that was calling. She picked up on the third ring and said, "Can I help you?" "Where are you?" Arnold roared. Leslie: "I'm on a blind date. Aren't you pleased?" Arnold: "You are on a blind date at a pool?" Leslie: "Yup! And I have six potential suiters. Maybe you can help me decide which one to choose. There is the eldest son of Evergrande, the second master of JOINASIA, the young master of the Walmart Group, and three popular stars, all of whom are candidates for Best Actor at the Oscars. Which one do you think I should choose?" Doris couldn't help but be surprised by what Leslie had said. She didn't realize that her friend was familiar with all of these people, and she was blown away. When Arnold saw the muscular m

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