Chapter 152: The Blind Date

1068 Words

Leslie's beauty was undeniable. In fact, she was so beautiful that people almost suffocated because of her beauty. Her thick, long, wavy hair brought out her snow-white skin color, and she was wearing a white, hollow lace, form-fitting skirt. From the control room, though, Doris had Wesley's full attention. Suddenly, Leslie looked straight into the camera. She pointed it out to Doris, and she whispered into her ear. "Do you think someone is watching us?" she asked. Doris shrugged and said, "Maybe. But who cares?" "You're probably right," Leslie smirked and walked over to William. She smiled and said, "Mr. Wright, I'm sorry for making you wait. I hope you don't mind that I brought my best friend, Doris." "That's fine," William replied. "And you can call me William." Leslie nodded, a

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