Chapter 148: The Wager

991 Words

At the Beverly villa - Wesley and Arnold were playing chess, and they had been for a couple of hours already. They were pretty evenly matched in skill, so the games between them were rather intense, and the time had gone by quickly. They were just finishing up what they'd agreed would be their last game, when Leslie and Doris walked through the door. Arnold was the first to see Leslie, and his eyes lit up when he saw what she'd done to her hair. He had never seen her looking so feminine, and he almost didn't recognize her. Westley chuckled and said, "Leslie, did you have a sex-change operation?" Leslie smirked, showed him her middle finger, and told him to go f**k himself. Same old Leslie - thought Westley. He went over and stopped Doris in the doorway. He bowed his head, and then h

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