Chapter 147: Getting Ready

1031 Words

Doris chuckled when she realized that the store employee thought that Leslie was her girlfriend. She turned to her friend, winked, and then they both burst out into gales of laughter. Then, when Leslie walked out of the changing room with the dress accentuating her every curve, neither laughed anymore. Leslie looked cool in a T-shirt and jeans, but when she wore a feminine lace dress, she was stunning. Leslie smiled at Doris. Then she pushed out her breasts and did a little twirl. Doris was amazed. "Not bad," she said. She would have said more, but words evaded her. It is no wonder that Westley wanted me to keep my distance – she thought. "Why don't you pick out a dress?" Leslie suggested. "If I am going to take this blind date seriously, I need you to support me by dressing up too."

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