Chapter 146: The Doris Type vs. The Leslie Type

1364 Words

Arnold pushed Leslie back into her seat and put his hand on her shoulder so that she couldn't move. She struggled against him, hitting his arm, shoulder, and chest, and he shouted at her to stop. "You are utterly shameless!" he roared. Arnold was pissed. His lips were pressed tightly together, and the veins in his forehead were standing out. Leslie had always done everything she wanted to do, and she had never been afraid of anything. But when did she get into the habit of sitting on men? – Arnold asked himself. Leslie laughed and said, "I am not shameless, but you relieve me of my shame, and I think you do it intentionally. We both know that you have feelings for me!" "Shut up!" Arnold roared. "You are my sister for Christ's sake, so don't ever do that again! Do you hear me? It's not g

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