Chapter 200: Eric's Knowledge Of Wesley

1172 Words

At the Gates Mansion - the old Gates was sitting on a couch, studying his antique coffee machine. He put a cup of coffee under his nose and sniffed, and he felt refreshed. As he took a sip, the butler came in and said, "Crystal is here, Sir." Crystal walked over, and she sat down in the chair across from the old man. She looked sharp in her sleeveless black shirt and white tights. She smiled at him and said, "Grandpa, how will I be rewarded this time?" The old Gates: "What do you want?" Crystal took a stack of photos out of her bag, put them in an envelope, and said, "I'd like a brownie cake." "Is that all," the old Gates asked, startled. When she didn't reply right away, he began to look at the photos. Each one was magnified. Everything could be seen, clearly, and from a variety of a

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