Chapter 80: Anna Flicks The Bean

1225 Words

Twenty-six minutes later, there was a knock at Eric's door, and he rushed to open it. His delivery had arrived. Anna was tall and slim with long, brown hair, medium-sized breasts, and c**k-sucking lips. She had a trench coat in her right hand, swung over her shoulder. In her left hand, a pair of high heel sneakers hung loosely between her fingers. Otherwise, she was completely naked. She smiled softly, and in a sultry tone of voice, she said, "I'm here. Would you care to invite me in?" "Anna," Eric gasped. "It took you so long…" Overcome by lust, Eric dragged her into the room, threw her onto the bed, and within a matter of seconds, he was as naked as she was. Eric jumped on top of Anna, pinned her hands above her head, leaned forward, and bit her lip so that he could taste her blood

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