Chapter 81: Call Off Your Dog

1196 Words

Doris looked at Lydia and forced herself to smile, saying, "I'm here. Don't worry." Lydia frowned. "What were you thinking about anyway?" she asked. Doris sighed and said, "I was just thinking about everything Westley bought for me. If he can afford to buy me such lavish gifts, why do you think he wanted my inheritance? It doesn't make any sense!" "Perhaps it is you that he is after?" Lydia suggested. "Maybe it has nothing to do with the money." "That's ridiculous," Doris scoffed, and she faked laughed to show her friend how preposterous she thought the idea was. "Look at me. I'm hardly anyone's dream girl!" "I suppose you're right." Lydia shrugged and said, "It's the only explanation I can think of, though. I mean, why else would he choose to live in such an ordinary villa when he

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