Chapter 110: Safe And Sound At Last

1111 Words

Westley lifted Doris and forced her to sit on the counter. Then he turned on the tap, wet his handkerchief, and used it to rub her lips. He acted roughly, without any tenderness, as if he wanted to wipe the skin off her lips. Eventually, Doris's lips began to burn, and there was a fishy-sweet taste in her mouth. What's going on? – she wondered. She tried to push him away and asked him what he was doing, but he refused to let her go or answer any of her questions. Instead, he roared and slammed his handkerchief down on the counter. Wesley condescendingly pinched Doris's jaw, and he began to kiss her all over her face. These kisses were different from his previous ones. They were overbearing, crude, and aggressive. She felt as if he was trying to absorb her life force, and when he started

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