Chapter 111: Any Brand Will Do

1042 Words

Westley pulled his hand out of Doris's skirt and hoisted himself up on his elbows to hover over her. He had an angry frown on his face. "Why are you so desperate to get away from me?" he asked. "Is it because of Eric, or does it have something to do with the necklace?" Doris wanted to tell him that he was paranoid, but when she opened her mouth, he blocked her words with a violent kiss. The kiss was so vicious that she couldn't bear it. She started to struggle again, and before she knew it, he had laid back on top of her again so that she couldn't move. Doris could feel Wesley's breathing becoming more intense as he bent his head to nibble on her earlobes. Suddenly, he raised his head, looked her in the eye, and said, "You're mine; everything you do and all that you are belongs to me."

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