Chapter 112: Hold On Tight

1117 Words

Westley tucked Doris into bed, and when he climbed in beside her, she didn't think she had to worry about him raping her. She assumed that when she was menstruating, he wouldn't be interested in having s*x with her. She lay on her back, and he laid on his side beside her, so that he could look at her and rub her distended belly. His touch felt nice, and it alleviated some of the pain from her cramps. Before long, though, his hand began to wander up towards her breasts. What the f**k? – thought Doris – This man is relentless! She rolled over to her side and brought her arms to her chest to protect herself from his advances. She could hear his huffing behind her. He was obviously displeased, and after a few minutes, he said, "Are you sure that you want to sleep on your side? Aren't you afra

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