Chapter 161: Westley's Birthday Party

960 Words

Westley ran his fingers through Doris's hair as she cried into his muscular chest. "I've known about Todd's secret for a long time," he admitted. "And don't worry, I've been trying hard to find your Natural Father." "But why did my Mother leave you my legacy?" Doris asked. "Was it because you paid off all of her debts?" Wesley nodded. "There was that," he said. "But there was more to it." Doris raised her head and looked at him in confusion. "There was also the matter of you," Westley explained. Doris had already been crying, but when she heard that, she remembered what her Mother's note to Westley had said – "Please love her for me." - and she began to really bawl. Suddenly, Doris saw that Evan was returning. Straight away, she covered her face with her hands to cover her shame,

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