The Memory

1286 Words
It was one week later when I could finally function. Grant had been communicating everything with me, he was the next Alpha and he has filled the role perfectly. The pack has the same respect towards Grant, as they did to Don. Don... "Hey...Rain, look you've made it through the week. He would be very proud of you. Come let me get you updated with our findings. I know you wanted to know about this earlier, but I think you're definitely ready now." Grant let me into Don's working quarters, which was his now. My heart still breaks when I saw a bit of a piece of our memories in that place. "Grant, I can't...not here please, still too much for me." I walked out of his quarters and into the common room. The place was empty, and I was glad for it. Then I heard Grant cursed behind me. "s**t! I'm sorry Rain, I shouldn't...okay, let's just do it here. Let me get..." "I'm moving out of the packhouse, I need my solitary." I blurted out my words. "But I want to know, about what had exactly happened to Don before I leave. I think...I think I need to close this chapter of my life." Grant looked taken back from my announcement, but he just nodded. What you need to understand my dear readers, when losing a mate every werewolf deals with it differently. And we never questioned, we never even dare to convince one's decision on how they're going to live the rest of their mateless life. As for me... being a young werewolf who had only spent three years of my life with my mate, the loss definitely cuts me deep and I have a long way to go. The future was looking very gloomy already for me without my mate. "We will respect your decision and will help you with anything you need. In the meantime here's the report, do you want to read it in your privacy first? or do you want me to go through the report with you right now?" I was caressing the title of the report. His name, my mate... he was nothing but a name on a piece of paper now. My heart breaks for him, I didn't understand how it could keep on breaking for him. I haven't felt my wolf since the day we buried him. I finally took a deep breath and told Grant that I'd take the report to my room. "I will find you if I have any questions. But, I'll be going back to my old place maybe in three more days. Depends on how fast I can box our memories..." That was the last straw, I finally break down and sobbed to his memories. Grant came to me and hold me in his arms, he has always been like a big brother and has always been very protective of me. "I will avenge his death with you, just tell me when you want it to be done. You're a good man Rain, I know you're very special to him as he is to you. Read the report, it's doable. I'll gather the pack for you, they will make it happen. They love their Alpha, they will die for him." "You are their Alpha now, you must lead the pack just as Don would've wanted you to. I will look into the report, and I'll contact you when the time comes." Grant hold me awhile longer, then finally let me go when he was convinced that I was better. I retreated back to our room, now my room. I sighed seeing the boxes of his clothes that I've been packing tears fall freely and I finally slumped back to our bed, now my f*****g bed. I didn't know how other people, other werewolf survive this feeling, cause it ripped my heart every f*****g time. It shreds me to pieces, the hurt never seemed to go away, it just cuts deeper every time. I didn't know how much longer I could stand it. That afternoon I decided to go back to my old place and took the files with me. I just need to get away for a while. I called Grant before I leave, and checked in with him after I arrived at my place. It was my sanctuary, I was always at peace whenever I was there. I was feeling better, my hands touch my book, my ingredients, my herbs, my powders, and lastly my witch journal. It was dusty, but I felt better. I inhale the familiar woodsy scent, and I was feeling my other witch half. I took off my satchel and make myself a cup of coffee, then sit myself down and started reading the report. My eyes continue to scan the files and turn the pages, and then another, and another and I finally let out a curse. I quickly got up and get one of my ancestral witch books. The Demonology History, and flipped through the pages quickly. I know I've read about them before. Then I found it The Demon Crawlers, not the highest level rank of a demon. They don't have the power to cross between realms, not unless they were summoned. I was taking my notes on the files. Grant's report was definitely not complete, since he didn't have the knowledge of the underworld. But what he did come up with, was the suspected group of people who summoned them. But then it would get more complicated, than what he stated in his report. Because in order to avenge Don's death, things needed to be done correctly. The said group of accused people might defy our accusation, the demon crawlers must be found. They must be questioned in a way, and they must confirm our accusations. Then at that moment, we would avenge his death. My blood rushed instantly, knowing that I have the knowledge to summon the demon. I had the power to prove the guilty party who is truly at fault. And even the month timing was right for the summoning of the crawlers demon. It needed to be done soon, or we need to wait it out until next year. I quickly gathered all the necessary ingredients, and prepare the red candles. The summoning circle was drawn, the offering was placed, the copper seal was prepared. Then moments later I was chanting the old language and started my ritual. My mind was thinking that I would call Grant later after I have successfully summoned the demon. It had been a while since I practice my witchcraft, and I didn't want to bother him should it fail. But then I knew I had done it when the air suddenly changed. It got dense in an instant, the heat was suddenly unbearable, I was breathing heavily. Then it appeared before me, the tall figure which hunched low on the ground while its sharp claws try to reach me. My heart beats faster, my blood boiled knowing that was exactly how my mate died by the demon. It would get me if I hadn't put a protection spell around me, but then it did get me when I provoke him with a series of questions. I abruptly break the connection, and he quickly vanished. My thigh was badly sliced, I let out a loud growl and dispersed the circle then laid back in pain. Fuck! I can't do this alone. And at the exact moment, my wolf appeared. He was comforting me and was silently making a connection with Grant. I could feel Grant's anger, but then darkness came to me as my energy was drained and blood was sipping out from my wound. I'm sorry Don. I will try again. I will avenge your death. 
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