Fallen for the king

another world

When his mate passed away, he was ready to follow his footsteps. But then he felt the desperate need to avenge his lover's life, doing the one thing he knows best.

Until it brought him to hell and meet the king himself. His wolf resisted him, he was confused with himself. He felt like a traitor to the one man he ever truly love.


Ranulf was the poster child who was sent down to hell, he was a fallen angel due to his sexuality which causes havoc up above.

His s****l appetite was greater than himself, he had spent hundreds of years in hell satisfying his needs until he outgrew and grown wiser and eventually appointed as King by the beings who need his power and legions of warriors behind him.

He was a wiser ruler and a better lover. Until one day a human werewolf intrigued him and made him second-guessed his beliefs in monogamy.


Will Rain settle for his lifestyle?

Will Ranulf bends the rule for his love?

Join me for the Epic love story between two strong and very hardheaded characters.

Love knows no worlds.

Love knows no boundaries.

Love knows no gender.

But it will conquer all ?


*Warning! R-Rated for 18+ due to strong, explicit language and s****l content*

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The Ending
This book is a stand-alone, but you will understand the characters better by reading the books in order: 1. Embrace the Dark 2. Embrace the Light 3. Mated to the Dark Lord 4. Fallen for the King  I will tell you about the story of how my life was turned upside down. How fate decided to toy with me and treated me like a ragdoll. Tossing me upside down, taking me to my breaking point. Over and over again. This is not a book for the faint-hearted. There will be tragic sadness loss of a mate. The gruesome demon slaughtering. The struggle and realization of a vain reality, of what we presumed our life to be. This book will be deep, dark, and sensually erotic. I'm the werewolf who lost his mate. I'm the werewolf who will struggle for life. I'm the werewolf who will fight for love. Because after all that had happened, I still believe that love conquers all. That I deserve a happy ending. And that I will f*****g get it, even if I have to die trying. Cause nothing matters, nothing is worth living for when you don't believe in your own stupid damn luck. This is why I decided to tell my side of the story. This is why I believed everyone deserves their second chance of happiness. Because it happened to me. And it happened to my King. ***** As the title stated, I will take you to where it all ended. The day I lost my first, my love, my mate, my Alpha. It started as another ordinary weekend, where Donnie and I would cuddle up in bed and f**k the day away. "Don, you're still the Alpha, our pack needed you. And you need to shower and...oh goddamn...fuck...fuck..." I moaned and cursed again when he started kissing my back and trail his hand to my lower abs. He tugged my body roughly to his chest, making my wolf growled as I felt his hardness on my back. "I'm the Alpha they will wait for me. I want you, I want you to please me like your f*****g Alpha. Do...not...tell...me....what to do." He said his words, as he grinds his length to my lower back. I was moaning to his demand, I was hard. He was kissing and licking the back of my neck, his hand slithered to my front, and finally stroke my d**k. "Don...oh... God...oh...fuck..." my hands were trying to reach for him, I needed to feel him as my toes curled from the excitement of what was to come.  "Stay still my lovely wolf, I need you... to be still... and just moan my name." I groaned but did as he tells me to do, he flipped me to my front and took my wrists roughly above my head making my wolf purred to his roughness. My d**k was hard against the cool sheets and twitched as the friction was making me even harder. My Alpha was savoring my back, his hands were caressing my body lazily. Until his legs roughly spread my knees, and pulled my waist aligned to his pelvis. "You are mine..." his words were harsh against my ear, making me instantly high on lust. He was preparing me as his hand pulled my body up to his chest, and his other hand was stroking me to my liking. "I'm yours..." I moaned to him as he entered me and we f**k over and over again until he finally gave me the permission to climax and I was finally sated in his arms. "I love you Rain...always..." he breathed out his words, while his arms were still holding me possessively. "I love you to Don...I'm not going anywhere..." "I know...cause you're mine..." Little did I know, that it was our last lovemaking. That his loving touches were the last one that I would feel. Because all hell breaks loose that late afternoon, literally. "Don?! Donnie! Grant! Grey! Damn it! Where the f**k is..." my words were halted when his beta and trustee pack warriors howled above his wolf. Blood was staining his glorious brown fur, his abdomen blackened as it was wet from his blood. I could see his insides as his stomach was ripped open. My mind was blank when I reach and kneel by his side...I couldn't hear anything. Then it hit me...I never said goodbye to him, this was not the way it was supposed to happen. His wolf slowly turned into his human form, I could see his handsome face, as he was struggling for his life. "Don, please...you don't have to..." He was changing back for me, he was taking the last of his strength to convey his message for me. He could easily say it with his mind, but he was never known to take things the easy way. He was the Alpha, he was my Alpha. "Rain, my love..." his voice was barely heard when I took his hand and kissed it. "I love you...Don, please..." I roughly whipped my tears, trying to be brave for him. But I know...I know deep down that I've lost him. "I don't like seeing you shed your tears...you're a strong man, and you're a strong wolf. Live... your life for me...I..love...you...always..." I took his body and cradled him in my arms. He let out his last breath as I bent down and kiss his lips for the last time. His pack let out the saddest howl which was heard throughout the vast mountainous region. It was the day we lost our Alpha, it was the day I lost my Alpha, my mate, my one true love. Since that day his Beta, Grant has been taking over the pack. He was making sure that I was left alone to mourn for my loss. I didn't leave our room for days, I was lethargic. I was holding onto his pillow, his scent was left from that last forsaken day he made love to me. Grant would deliver my meals to our room, and wait for me, making sure I'd eat and keep my strength. "Don wanted you to live, it was his last words. And I'm making sure you do exactly that. I'm honoring his wishes." Grant said sternly as he watches me finish my meal. I was struggling to finish it, but I nodded to him. I love him. I will do this for him. Even if it kills me on the inside. I will honor his wishes.

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