And Then She Was Gone (book 4)

love at the first sight

15 years ago the Stone family was in a terrible car accident that ended up with them losing one of their triplet daughters, Alexis. She was swept away by water. Luckily someone found her before anything could happen to her. What happens when she finds out who she really is. When she realizes that her whole life was a lie. The mother she thought she loved and knew was never her mother at all.

Follow the story that includes all of the Stone children as adults. They go through love and heartbreak, loss and alot of ups and downs and betrayal from the ones who should love them the most. They have been searching for their long lost daughter/sister for years. What happens when they finally find her?

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Carter's p.o.v

Today is my sister's birthday. The triplets turn 19. But like every birthday for the past 15 years, we are only celebrating with two of my sisers. I got their gifts already and after work I am driving over to the clubhouse that dad built in the Castle so he doesn't have to go far while still protecting everyone. It's been 15 years since that day that ruined all of our lives. I was a little kid and I remember it so vividly. I have nightmares about that day. Still to this day it haunts me. When the accident first happened, we were told that she probably drowned and the way the river was, they couldn't drain it, so to look for her mom and dad had people from the castle search the river for as long as it took. Her body was never found. I personally do not think my sister drowned like they tried to make us believe. This is why I became a private investigator and on my free time I search for her, for clues, for anything, but being that she was so little when she disappeared, there isn't much to go on.

I hop on my motorcycle and head to the clubhouse. I get there and get my sister's gifts. I got them each charms to add to their bracelets. They have matching charm bracelets and they add a charm every birthday. I walk inside and my parents greet me. My little brother Ryan comes out and puts the cake down on the table. "Can I go play video games now mom?" He asks. "Yes, go bye, but you will be here when we cut their cake." She tells him before he runs off. I put their gifts on the gift table and grab a drink and just stand off to the side to people watch. The only people I watch though are my parents. I know today is hard on them. It is on all of us, but Lexi was their daughter and I know they are hurting even though they don't talk about it and try not to show it. I watch as mom sits there drinking a margarita and dad gently rubs her back and whispers in her ear. She nods and gives him a weak smile. "Carter, where's my gift" my sister Alexcia yells as she walks in the room. I point to the table. My sister Alexa walks in the room a little bit after since it takes her longer. The accident didn't just take Lexi from us, Alexa got hurt and she was never able to walk the same. Something happened to her hip and it takes her a little longer to walk. If she is walking slow, you can not even tell that her hip is messed up or that it bothers her, but if she is walking next to someone else and they walk normally then you can notice it. She didn't have a wolf at 4 years old so she wasn't able to heal and she had a bunch of surgeries that we feel damaged her more. At 18, her wolf came. But we found out she couldn't shift. It broke her. She also found her mate, an aśśhole named Ruben who isn't sure if he wants her or a mate at all as he put it. He literally has my sister waiting. What pisses me off is that he comes here claiming that they have to get to know each other, but the whole time he is flirting with Alexcia or other she wolves. I thought wolves and Lycans just accepted the bond and embraced it, but I think it is Lycans who do that regular werewolves can reject and not embrace the bond and not even care. I watch Ruben walk in and he doesn't even go greet Alexa. She is standing by the door and he just walked right past her straight to Alexcia and of course Alexcia loves the attention. I sigh. I wish she wouldn't hurt our sister this way, but Alexcia is the selfish one. I look back over to mom and aunt Julia is now with her. "To our girl, wherever she is" she says and they cheers and take a shot down. Lexi. My mind goes to my sister. Wherever she is, I just hope she is okay and that she is celebrating her day. "Why does he even show up if he isn't going to talk to her?" Dad asks taking a seat next to me. "I hate him" I reply. "That makes two of us" he says and he hands me a drink. We watch as he flirts with Alexcia like if she is his mate. I can't stand the look of hurt on Alexa's face.

"It's time to cut the cake" mom yells and everyone gathers around my sisters. "Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Alexa, Alexcia and Alexis. Happy Birthday to you." We all sing. Make a wish and blow out the candles. Yes, every year we all make sure to still sing and include Alexis. Moms request for us to still act like she is here and a part of us. They pass cake around and then open gifts. Alexa thanks everyone and goes and sits on the corner while Alexcia dances with a small circle formed around her. She has a small group of followers and then she has all of her admirers standing across the room basically drooling all over her. It is hard to watch two women who look exactly the same get different attention only because one walks better than the other. I walk over and sit with Alexa. "Happy Birthday little one" I say. "Thank you for coming Carter. We hardly see you anymore." she says. "I know I have been training. You know how dad is about it, plus I love it and my work as a P.I. keeps me pretty busy. Plus I have been searching for Alexis. I will never stop until I find her" I tell her. Finally a smile on her face. "I am so sorry we are late" we hear my grandmother say. "We had to find the perfect gifts for my perfect girls." she says and hands Alexa a huge rectangular gift and Alexcia the same. They open it and it is artwork. Grandma has really been into art lately. Mom and dad asked her to redecorate the castle with art pieces because she has a good eye for decorating. Our grandparents travel alot now that they are retired. They always find cool things that they bring us back. I also know that they are searching for Alexis even though they won't say it. They also talk about a witch friend that they have who they haven't been able to find and they believe she is undercover as a human again. Apparently every so often she does this and noone can find her until she is done with her mission and wants to be found. They say she would have already helped find Alexis. The witch left when we were little so we do not remember her. They do not trust anyone else and won't work with other witches. They have tried and the only thing that happened was that they were scammed out of alot of money.

"Wow grammy, this is beautiful" Alexa tells her. "Isn't it. We found a little farmers market type of place in Montana where we were visiting a friend and it is set up by a bunch of college kids. The art students paint these and sell their art. So many beautiful pieces, but the stand of one artist caught my eye. Unfortunetly I didn't get to meet the artist. The name on the stand was Lexi Younger, but a young man was selling her artwork. He said the artist had to work so he was helping her sell her art. Such a shame. I really wanted her to sign these pieces for me" she tells us. I notice the look on her face when she says Lexi. She was hoping it was our Lexi. "Ugh Grammy. I don't know. I don't really like it." Alexcia tells her. "It looks a little tacky." she says. "That because you don't have an eye for art like grammy and Alexa do" I tell her and she huffs. "You are right. I'd rather shop than look at paintings" she says. Grammy brushes her off. Everyone already knows how Alexcia is. "You can have it Alexa. Grammy you and Papa owe me a new gift" she says. "Well now that this party is over, time for the real deal." she says. She looks at Alexa and then at her hip. "Well I am sure you are tired and don't want to go right sissy?" she asks Alexa who nods. Even if she did want to go, she wouldn't. "Ruben wants to go. You don't mind if he goes and has fun with my friends and I do you sissy? I'm sure you don't want him to stay here and watch you limping around" she says. "Alexcia" Grammy scolds her. "What Grammy, I am just saying the truth. That man wants to go out and dance and have fun. Alexa can't do those things." she says. "Bye sissy. Happy Birthday" she says and kisses her cheek and leaves with almost all of the party behind her. Only family members stick around. We watch as Alexa sadly watches her mate follow our sister like a lost puppy. "Don't listen to her babygirl" Grammy tells Alexa. "Yeah sis, you don't need them." I tell her. She gives us all a weak smile. I say goodbye to everyone and head out. I found a new community where I plan on going to ask around. I usually use Alexa and Alexcia's pictures to ask around. They are all identical so she has to look just like them. I pray to the moon goddess that tonight I find a lead on my sister.

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