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Synopsis The Dark Lord The Mystery The Vengeance The Chaos Living in a world of wickedness and Evil, One must be a killer in other to survive in this world of mischief, deceit and injustice. Have you ever witnessed a b****y War, So Brutal that you can't sleep in the night? Be ye welcome into the world of chaos and destruction Into the world of Horror and Terror The World of Fear The World were evil rules and triumph over all. Who wanna see some bloodshed? Derek Orlois, The most strongest, skillfull and powerful warrior who became a noble knight due to his father position as Prime Minister of the Selevrian Empire, After returning back from the battle against Bandits to hear the worst news ever. Possessing the dark blade of light means only one thing, War against Humanity, Pregan gods advancing into humanity with their powers in other to capture the Lord of Magic and the controller of Elements. Kyle Jayden, Prince of the Scorpion and the Last Lightning Bender... He strives through out to win the heart of the most beautiful princess in the Selevrian Empire who is in love with Derek Orlois and that hardens his heart towards Derek. Being the prophesied Lord of Magic who controls Warlords and Wizards Gives him leverage over all, But the prophecy of his darkness is tragic for the Lord of Magic shall journey into the Realm of darkness with The soul orb. The Lightning Bender! The Last Silver Dragon! The Daughter of Raven! For Humanity is under danger, The Dark Lord shall rise to possess the Dark Blade of Light, Having Control over the most deadly ninja clan of mutants, The World of Apolcalypse is Now. Shall Evil Triumph over all? Shall the humanity be destroyed? Shall the Dark Blade be used for Darkness? Who is the Dark Lord?
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