Killing the Bandits

1749 Words
Neighing sounds of horses could be heard from the mountain of Urca.. The Mountain Of War, Warriors fighting against Warriors as heads rolled vividly with blood splashing on the hot ground, The Red Armoured Warriors were the dominant warriors in this battle as they frequently slay the black armoured Swordsmen. The War became intensed, The Black Armoured men who were known as The Texas Bandits who attacked a small village almost killing all the men and r****g almost all the women in the village. " Don't let them escape, Commander needs them dead " A Warrior cladded with red armour with white silky medals placed on his body which make him to look like an high ranking captain in the Army. Meanwhile a young and handsome blonde who seems to be killing every bandits who came his way, The Blonde twisted his body chopping off three heads of Bandits who came his way with their blood splashing On the ground. A Bandit dived from a tree with his sword aiming for the head of the blond warrior but an arrow pierced his back sending him crashing on the floor lifeless, The Blond turned back to see a young man like his age holding a bow and arrow. " You shouldn't have done that Nicklaus, I got this remember " The Blond asked with smiles beaming from his face, Nicklaus one of the most fearful knight reciprocated the smiles of Derek Orlois with a bigger smile. " Is that the thank you I can get Derek? " Nicklaus asked dumping the bow and arrows and bringing out his sharp silver sword with different marks on the sword that signifies he is a noble knight not a weak warrior. " Na, you know I don't say thank you " Derek said swinging his sword which had golden runes on it making it exceptional, Derek slashed two Bandits aiming for his head and they fell down lifeless. " We still have more problems to deal with Nicklaus, Let's first kill this Bandits " Derek said running into the midst of the bandits and with one strike, Three fell down immediately and that amused Nicklaus. Nicklaus charged at ten bandits who came against him, Nicklaus ducked a strike, Preventing another strike with his sword and he slashed the Bandit with his sword causing blood to gushed out of the bandit and he slaughtered three more with their heads rolling. Nicklaus bent low evading another sword striking, He grabbed the hand of the bandit, Drawed the Bandit closer and he headbutted the bandit hard before thrusting his sword into the fifth rib of the bandit. " No body Messes with Nicklaus Norman and ever lives to tell the story " Nicklaus boasted evading another hard strike, It isn't a sword attack like before... This time it is an axe attack which could have decapitated his head if he wasn't careful. " What the fvck is that? " Nicklaus asked himself while staring deeply at the huge axe and the giant who lifted the axe like it was nothing, Nicklaus gulped hard noticing that the Giant Holding the Huge Axe is running ready to strike him. " What the hell is this? How can I kill this Nigga? " Nicklaus asked himself ducking the rampaging attack of the huge axe which aimed for his head, Nicklaus did a front flip kicking the Giant hard but the Giant only moved back a little with no effect. Meanwhile Derek swing his sword decapitating four heads of Bandits within seconds, his attacks seems to be more faster than the eyes of men, He moved with incredible speed chopping of heads... He gat no time to thrust and s***h. All he mainly does is to remove the Nigga's head from his body... That's the only option! Derek kicked two bandits down piercing their hearts sharply, Derek eyes opened wildly in shock of seeing the rain of arrows in the sky aiming for his direction, No where to run, No where to hide... He is doomed. But the Real Derek isn't someone who can die so easily, He isn't called the Scarlet warrior for no reason, Derek continue swinging his sword cutting the rain of arrows coming his way while those Bandits attacking him fell down dead with arrows pierced into their skulls. The Battle still remain as b****y as it was, Bandits ripped apart by the sword of Derek who moved like wind, Derek slashed two Bandits down ripping out their bowels and decapitating their heads with full force. While Nicklaus could be seen swinging his sharp sword slaughtering bandits repeatedly but with his full gaze fixed on the Giant who came against him, The Giant roared furiously swiping Nicklaus off his feet and standing on Nicklaus with his heavy legs causing bloods to spill out of Nicklaus mouth. Nicklaus grabbed his sword weakly, He slashed the balls of the Giant causing it to scream out in pains as he lifted up his heavy axe ready to strike Nicklaus in Anger but Nicklaus isn't there anymore. " Hey, I am up here " Nicklaus whispered silently, The Giant turned back to see Nicklaus standing on a huge rock with his b****y sword on his hand, It was too late to strike, Before the giant could even think of attacking Nicklaus. Nicklaus swiftly strucked the Giant to the ground with smiles beaming from his face like he wasn't injured, Well he had little scratch on his body. Fast Forward The War is over, The Surrendered Bandits were taken to the center and kept with the remaining Bandits who were injured in the Battle, Nicklaus emerged with the huge giant on his head and he dropped the dead giant who heart is already carved out of his body but his head still remains on his body. " Nice Job Nicklaus, Seems you are worthy to be addressed as a knight " Derek voice was heard and he advanced towards the Armies who bowed their heads before him in respect and obedient to their commander. " Commander Derek sire, What do we do concerning this Bandits in captivity? " A Captain of the Army asked with his head bowing before Derek who just only smile without uttering a word from his mouth. " How many are they? " Derek finally asked. " They are a hundred and sixty of them sire and they are all in captivity " the captain answered. " I still don't get why you need to know their number derek, can't you just order that they were been slaughtered and their heads hanged on the Village Gates to warn Bandits, Sparing their filthy lives will only make you weak " Nicklaus said with a frown. " Be calm Nicklaus I know what am doing, Let a hundred and ten of them be slaughtered with their hearts and heads in baskets for decorations " Derek ordered dismissing the Captain and Nicklaus stood there dumbfounded. " And What are you going to do to the remaining fifty? " Nicklaus asked. " Ehmm lemme just say that I will be wiping their brains, Controlling them to be my puppets and Training them to be...." Derek kept mute, Thrusting his already cleaned sword into the shealth on his back like ninja. " Like what? " Nicklaus asked looking confused. " Don't worry when the time comes, you will understand what I am trying to do...Hiyyaaaahh " Derek screamed hitting his horse causing it to start running while Nicklaus could be seen riding his black horse from behind. It took the warriors three hours before they got to the village which was raided by the Bandits, Bandits head were hunged on the Gates of the Village with their bloods signifying warning to the rest of their enemies. " Thank you Sir Derek, We are truly happy because their are knights who will still Stand in and protect us " The Village Chief who seems to be waiting patiently for the arrival of Derek and His Warriors from the Pursuit. " It's not Chief, But you need to have strong defenses which will help protecting this village " Derek uttered with smiles beaming from his face, He came down from his White Amazing Horse and His Knight Armour Glittering brightly. " We will surely do that your lordship " The Village Chief stated with his head bowing in respect, Nicklaus advanced towards the chief's hot without fear, He is a knight after all and Knights are known to be respected throughout the Empire and Other Empires. " What are you doing nicklaus? " Derek asked furiously with his gaze fixed on Nicklaus who seems to be busy gazing at the hot dazzling sexy maids od the Village Chief and with his seductive eyes staring deeply into their eyes. The Maids Blushed...! " Nothing Derek, Just wanting to have a taste of this hot dazzling sexy... " Nicklaus couldn't complete his statement when a strong wind blasted him from nowhere, Nicklaus stood up quickly with frown plastered on his face. " Why did you do that? " Nicklaus asked. " Shut up manwhore, We still have to journey back to our base.. There you have s*x any woman of your choice " Derek answered climbing back on his white horse, His armies were already outside of the village gate waiting for their master. " But what about this hot maids? " Nicklaus asked. " You can have them but we need to leave now before sunsets, The Night is deadly and full of terrors " Derek answered with a wink, Nicklaus frowned, mumbling words still he got to his horse and he climbed the horse without stress. " Goodbye Chief, Goodbye Everyone... " Derek said waving his hands to the Villagers. " Goodbye Sire Derek " The Villagers said waving their hands back at Derek, Derek smiled while Nicklaus frowned not because of anything but because of those maids he isn't going to finger and romance.... It pains him alot. " Hiyaaahhh " Derek screamed hitting the horse with the rope, The Horse sprinted up running towards the Village gates with full speed with Nicklaus following from behind as they Villagers continued waving their hands in happiness. " Let's go " Derek ordered dismissing his armies as they followed from behind into the woods on their horses speedily towards their Base, They all went through all this stress and they all deserve hot chics tonight.
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