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Telphon City The Lousy City of Telphon, Known as the warrior city and gifted to Sir Derek who leads and dwells in the city with his army of sharp skilled and strong warriors, Among the top twenty more fierce armies in the Empire. The Gates of the City Opened up revealing hundreds of horsemen rode their horses into the city chanting victory songs, Smiles beaming from each of their faces on sighting their leader Derek Orlois and His Best friend Sir Nicklaus. Derek came down from his White horse with smiles, Nicklaus heaved deeply immediately landing on the ground of his abode beautiful city, He smiled scenting the air of victory and enjoyment because he knows he is gonna fvck some p*****s. Three Ranked Soldiers approached Derek putting on their armours with their heads bowing before in respect before Derek and Nicklaus and speaking of Nicklaus, Nicklaus advanced towards the building with two hot maids besides him with his hands folding their a*s. " Master welcome back to your beautiful city, How is the battle against the bandits who raided the villagers? " Commander Thompson, The Head office Armours and Weapons in the City, While Commander Fredrick and Douglas were the ones in charge of the warriors, With their separate ranks giving them respect. The City of Telphon is known to be a warlord city back then, The Prime Minister Pedro attacked the Warlord of the city because of his treason and plot against the Emperor, Prime Minister on dominating and slaughtering the warlord together with his cabinet, Prime Minister Pedro gave the city to Derek who is still an active ruler of the city controlling both villagers and armies. " Well everything is fine Thompson, The Bandits seems to be more tough In terms of war than those pirates we slaughtered five months ago, Anyways I got captives and I want you to deal, t*****e and torment them till the extent they are too weak... I need them for something powerful and you all will be their teachers " Derek said and the three commanders nodded in respect. " Yes Sire, We will do as you commanded " The Three commanders uttered in unison resulting Derek into smiling revealing his handsome dimples, Derek advanced towards the main building or should I say his palace. . . . Derek opened the door of the Palace rejecting the offer of his guards in the Palace doorstep as he intended to do it all by himself, He may have thousands at his command but Derek can't forsake his father's discipline and principles of becoming one of the greatest warrior/knight in the Empire. And that principle he cherish so much is Humility..! Derek face beamed with smiles on sighting Nicklaus relaxing on the couch like a King with Big a*s maids feeding him with both wine and meats as he fonds, squeezed their a*s without mercy. " You know girls, I and my very good friend just came back victorious after destroying those Bandits in the village, What I really need right now is to relax myself and this night, We will have some fun " Nicklaus said and he winked at the maids who gigled with smiles. " Humm I see you are enjoying Nicklaus " Derek spoke out with smiles, His hands tugged into his pocket while staring at Nicklaus who seems relaxed with his gaze also fixed on Derek, Nicklaus had that mockery look on his face. " Yep bro, am enjoying myself to the fullest " Nicklaus answered still smiling. " That's OK, I will be in the training room, In case you want to join " Derek said, Derek walked into his Bedroom climbing the fifty long stairs, It took him thirty minutes to dress up in his training outfit which made him look hot and he walked out of the building. Training Ground Derek walked into the Training Hall with his Sword covered with golden runes on his hand, He is putting on a blue top and black jeans fit for training, And He walked into the center of the Hall were he is been sighted by his guards. " Bring them in, It's training time " Derek ordered signalling the guards watching him and they nodded, Clanging sounds could be heard and the silver gates surrounding Derek opened up revealing Huge, Muscular, Bearded, Bald, Skillful men advancing out of the Gates with their hands filled with weapons such as Axes, Mallets, Swords and Daggers. Is this what he calls training? Derek twisted his sword ready for attack as the Prisoners surrounded him in a circular formation, With their minds all set to kill Derek in the name of training, Derek frequently trains with his prisoners after captivating them in battles and he kills them during training. " Now Bitches, I know you all hate me and wants to kill me, So this is your final opportunity... Come kill me " Derek stated with smiles beaming from his face, The Prisoners frowned with their fist clenched on their weapons. " You made the wrong decision Derek Orlois, Niggas let's s*******r this b***h and present his head before his father " One of the Prisoners uttered in anger and fued, Raising his Axe up and the Rest followed. " Attack!!!! " The Prisoner shouted. " Attack!!!! " The Rest uttered and they all charged at Derek with full force, Derek who seems to be enjoying everything stationed himself ready to strike, His Sword glowed as he awaits the attack of the prisoners. " Oh yeah, This is gonna be fun " Derek muttered in happiness. . . . Few Hours Later Bloods littered both on the walls and the ground, Bodies filled the Floor likewise heads and hearts rolling around, Derek did a front flip swinging his sword with one final strike, A Head dropped on the ground and the body followed with immediate effect. " Well well well, I once said this will be fun and it is fun " Derek stated crushing a head with his feet, Stabbing another who seems to be alive but deeply injured, Derek scanned the entire training Hall with his eyes checking for any survivors to s*******r, He is the type who leaves no of his victims alive, Once he attacks... He makes sure no one is left out alive in other to keep his record intact of been a fearsome, Destructive and Ruthless warrior. " Feed them to the Tigers, They are essential meats to all my predators including the Hyenas " Derek ordered walking out of the Training Hall with his cloths covered in blood likewise his sword as he advanced towards his castle in victory. " Seems you have all been enjoying all along without me " Derek said walking into his Mansion with smiles as he saw nicklaus and the three commanders eating on his dinning table, They were the only ones permitted to dine with him. " Welcome Master, How is the training? " Commander Douglas asked as Derek approached them after signalling the maids to bring his dinner to the table as he settles down ready to enjoy himself. " Well as usual, I spared no one alive and their bodies will be giving to the Tigers, Lions and Jaguars in this palace, So What's up " Derek said with smiles, The Maids arrived with their hands filled with Rice covered with heavy, delicious meats ready to be devoured by their master. " Thanks " Derek muttered rubbing his hands, l*****g his lips ready to devour the entire food, Nicklaus could be seen eating like a cave man who haven't eating for years, He deserves the food because of the stress in the Battle against the Bandits. " Seems you guys are pretty hungry " Derek said staring both at the Commanders and Nicklaus, He started eating but it didn't it up to five minutes when a maid walked in with her face filled with fear and terror. " Am sorry for interrupting your dinner my lord but there is someone from the Emperor that is here to see you " The Maid said with her knees on the ground and her head bowing down before Derek who seems confused. " Tell him to wait, When am done eating.. I will meet him " Derek said but the maid nodded negatively. " My Lord, He says it is a matter of urgency that you will need to standing before him, He has news to deliver to you my lord " The Maid insisted and that made both the commanders and Nicklaus confused. " That's strange Derek, Let's meet this messenger to hear what this urgent news is all about " Nicklaus suggested dropping his plate unfinished, Together they all went out to see who the messenger and to know what the urgent news is all about. " Greetings Sir Derek " A young man who seems to be putting on the royal servant attire Of the Palace, Derek nodded dismissing all the guards, and captains remaining his three commanders and Nicklaus beside him. " Now we are alone...What is this important information that will not let me focus on my dinner in peace " Derek demanded with furrowed eyebrows, His folded his arms with his face which burned with curiosity. " Sire, this is a great loss indeed " The Messenger said and Derek frowned. " What great loss? You better stop putting me in suspense or else I will order that your head be brought before me in my throne, Now speak and don't confuse me " Derek ordered with a sternful glare and the messenger gulped in fear. " am very sorry sire, The Emperor and The Prime Minister are dead... " " Whattt!!!!! " Derek, The Commanders and Nicklaus shouted in unison.
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