He was Murdered

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Lightning strucked through the sky creating uproar of disastrous sounds, The Sky slowly became dark as Two Horses could be seen approaching the Peruvian City of the Empire, The Royal City where the Emperor and all royalties dwell including high ranking officials. Derek hit the rope igniting his horse to run fast than before, While Nicklaus who seems to have been confused and shocked hits the rope of his horse the more, They were all putting on their knights attire which will command the respect they deserve well except Derek who is already popular and don't need to wear his knight outfit. It took them two hours before they get to the Peruvian Gates, The Apartment Guards of the City Gates Stretched forth their swords ready to strike if it's either a bandit or pirates, Derek came down from his horse with a deep frown. " Who are you? " One of the guards asked, He knew Derek Orlois face but decided to ask in other to know to voice or to detect whoever is using the face of Derek to attack them, Nicklaus also came down from his horse with deep frown. " Will you fools open the gates or should we break in, kill you and find our way to the palace " Nicklaus threatened with gritted teeths, Derek is known to be a silent killer and whenever he speaks up, He means the business. " Will you fools open the gates for or do you want us to rip your head off once we break through, I order this gates to be open at once " Derek voiced out with authority, The Guards nodded in fear and they opened the gates before running back in fear of been killed. " You are lucky we are in hurry, Next time you fools won't be spared " Derek warned climbing up on his horse and they all advanced into the Gate with full speed, They passed the markets in hurry scattering foodstuffs but no one dares to challenge or curse a knight... It's death penalty to do so talkless of challenging the deadly Derek and Nicklaus. The Emperor's Palace which seems to be located on the Giant Rocks with Guards Armed with weapons guarding the Palace with their lives, Derek and Nicklaus passed through their midst but who are they to challenge deadly knights of valor. " Open this door right now " Derek ordered and the Guards guarding the Gigantic Iron Door of the Palace, Once the door was opened... Derek walked in together with Nicklaus by his side and to his greatest surprise, He saw all the Emperor's Cabinet members standing in the throne room in sorrow as they all put on black robe. " Welcome Sir Derek, Welcome Sir Nicklaus.. You are welcome " One of the Councils announced two minutes after Derek had walked in with Nicklaus by his side, Derek scanned the entire hall crowded with higher personell. General Orlando, Chiefs and Knights, Warlords especially Warlord Lionel, The Most Fierce Warlord in the Selevrian Empire NOTE: WARRIORS ARR DIVIDED INTO THREE PARTS, THE MILITARY, THE KNIGHTS AND THE WARLORDS, ALL HAVING DIFFERENT RANKS IN THE EMPIRE, THE MILITARY ARE BOTH ON VILLAGE LEVEL WHILE SOME CITY AND EMPIRE LEVEL, DEPENDING ON THE RANKS....KNIGHTS ARE ON CITY LEVEL AND RESPECTED IN THE EMPIRE BUT WARLORDS ARE ON THE EMPIRE LEVEL COMMANDING RESPECT FROM THE KNIGHTS AND AN EMPIRE CAN ONLY HAVE TEN WARLORDS EXCEPT FOR THE SELEVRIAN WHICH HAS TWELVE WARLORDS MAKING THEM MORE POWERFUL THAN THE REMAINING EMPIRES. Warlord Lionel who seems to be the master warlord as he possess dark skills or should I say crazy, mysterious and mystical skills that makes him undefeatable in both wars and duel, He is the merciless freaking Warlord who has one cute beauty called a daughter. Derek walked towards the mattress in the throne room where both The Emperor and The Prime Minister Pedro was placed with their nose blocked in other to prevent the bodies from been decayed. Prince Finn, Prince Balor and Prince Joyce were also in the throne room together with the Empress Cassie, Derek circulated the bodies which left everybody confused especially the royalties. Derek sniffed the bodies repeatedly, The Councils, Commanders, Kings and Lords watched in disbelief as a noble knight could stoop so low to be sniffing the dead bodies of his highness and the Prime Minister. " I need all the kings, lords and commanders out except for the councils, Royalties and Warlord Lionel... The Rest must leave this instance " Derek ordered which left the crowd into murmuring and whispering among themselves. " Didn't you hear me, Or must I repeat myself? " Derek ordered revealing his deadly eyes, No one dares challenge the most fearsome knight who seems to have been trained under the unknown, It is said that The Prime Minister took Derek out of the Empire for fifteen years since when he was a toddler and since then, Derek has been extremely skillfull and powerful to the extent that everyone feared to challenge him in a duel of battle, He kills without mercy. " Gives us one reason why we should leave Derek? Don't forget we are part of the Cabinets " One of the Lords asked with a shaking voice, Derek with gnashed teeths approached the Lord but Prince Finn intervened by standing right before Derek. " Who do you think you are to gives orders to lords Derek? You may be all powerful as they say but learnt to respect your elders " Prince Finn uttered with boldness, Derek smiled and he hugged Finn tightly. " I am keeping my mouth shut just because of your position as the crown prince, Don't dare me Finn.. I could kill you right now if I wanted to " Derek whispered still hugging Finn tightly. " And who told you am afraid of you, I gat no time for scoundrels like you " Finn whispered back breaking free from the tight hug, He climbed the throne in am attempt to make an announcement. " I want you all to obey what derek had just said now, Those who he mentioned to stay behind and the rest to leave... I hope this is important Derek " Prince Finn announced with a deep frown plastered on his face. In no time the Throne room became empty remaining the Elders/councils, Warlord Lionel and The Emperor's Family, They were all staring at Derek who stood still and besides him was Nicklaus. " They are gone, Now Derek tell us what you want to tell us " Warlord Lionel uttered with a calm terrific voice, He stood still without moving as he folded his arms waiting for what Derek has to say. " Very well, You may all have been wondering why I was sniffing the hell out of those dead freaks right? " Derek said and they all nodded. " Yep, you are such a weirdo dude " Nicklaus said with smiles. " There is one thing that I know about my father and that is the ability of not dieing so easily, My father and I share something common and that is not what is needed to be revealed now " Derek said not smiling. " What are you driving to Derek? " Prince Finn asked. " What I am driving at Finn is that those old freaks didn't die a normal death, A death in their weaknesses which is drink, I was thinking about this till I got here not until I scented something dark in them " Derek said and they all paid keen attention to what he is trying to say. " What did you scent in them Derek " Queen Cassie asked. " The Tarokie Poison!! " Derek said and they all gasped, Warlord Lionel eyes bulged out in shock of what he just heard, The Tarokie poison known for its darkness and destruction, Once inhaled of drank is a death sentence. It kills within seconds depending how strong the body is, The Tarokie poison which is said to have been used in poisoning a whole Empire two millenniums ago, They all stepped back immediately not going close to the Dead bodies. " Are you sure of what you are telling us? " General Orlando asked in shock and fear. " Yes I am very sure, Have been studying Alot of things since the day my father took me away and returned me back after fifteen years, I know Alot and I know what I am telling you... This is Tarokie poison " Derek said with a deep frown. " This can't be, The Emperor wiped out the entire mamba clan fourty years ago, How can this be happening " Warlord Lionel muttered in shock and confusion. " We will order that all the servants on duty that night be brought before us, They must tell us who poisoned the Emperor and the Prime Minister " Prince Balor who has been quiet all this while spoke out. " No! No one is doing such thing, though the Emperor may have been poisoned but my father is also a victim of the poison... This is not a matter of tormenting the maids and guards to confess, Whoever that poisoned them with the deadly Tarokie poison is out there and I must get my revenge " Derek stated with venom etched in his voice. " What are you planning right now derek? " one of the elders asked but derek kept mute. " That's none of your business Elders, I will be taking my leave now " Derek said walking out of the Throne room with Nicklaus following him from behind. " And don't forget to burn the bodies before noon, The Tarokie poison is very destructive " Derek said walking out of the throne room while Warlord Lionel could be seen in deep thoughts as he watched Derek leave. " I know Derek a little and I am sure he is hidding something from us " Prince Balor said still in deep thoughts. " The Boy has proven deadly in many ways, Whatever he is scheming right now is no ordinary thing " " He is the devil's first son "
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