The Dark One

1854 Words
Speaking of Devil's First Son. He is Truly the devil's first son because of the devil his father, Prime Minister Pedro Orlois, A Knight in his youthful age and a warlord, One of the most brutal warlord to be ever recorded but it seems Warlord Lionel is breaking some records. It is said that Derek Orlois took this his vicious traits from his father, The Prime Minister is the only one who taught the Emperor how to pass on destructive and ruthless judgement on those who offended him. Though the emperor is devilish on his own but they say evil communication corrupts good manners, The kind and loving emperor has turn into a brutal merciless killer who slaughters kingdoms and clans who offended him without mercy, it is once said that the emperor was only a young prince of a kingdom before he started kingdoms domination and Clans domination. Merging over a hundred clans together as one and fifty kingdoms as one, eighty cities as one and it brought them together forming an empire to cement his reign and Pedro Orlois fought beside him till the end of the war. No one knew where derek was taken to since he was five, No one knows how strong and skillfully Derek is, No one knows what kind of murderer Derek is since he has thousands of warriors bowing before him. He is really the devil's first son. Now Warlord Lionel Abode The Gates Opened up and Warlord Lionel Horse advanced into the compound, The Maids Nearby walked up to where Warlord Lionel was standing with their knees on the ground and their heads bowing before the warlord. " Welcome back master, What do you want us to make for dinner? " The First maid asked with her heads still bowing down before The Warlord. " Nothing as you can see I am not hungry, Is my wife at home? " Warlord asked but the maids nodded negatively still bowing before the warlord, The Warlord walked towards the building still smiling. " It's good to be back " Warlord Lionel said and he finally entered into his gigantic huge house, Warlord Lionel house is similar to the Castle but there is a huge difference, The Warlord's Mansion is not highly protected by guards because that's The Warlord's decision and besides all his guards are trained to be killers... The Warlord Trained them all by himself to be his guards. " Welcome back father " A wonderful, charming and Gorgeous voice could be heard immediately Warlord Lionel stepped his foot into his mansion, A Young blond teenage girl emerge from the stairs in happiness of seeing the warlord. Smiles beamed from the Warlord Face, He stood still with stretched arms waiting to embrace his little daughter pearl Dominique, Warlord Lionel had sealed the bond between him and his daughter that whosoever made her cry will not live to see the next day. Pearl Dominique, The only daughter of the warlord lionel and a descendant of the fire clan, Pearl Dominique is one of the most beautiful damsel in the Selevrian Empire and attracted the attention of men, huge, Strong and powerful men in the Empire. " Where is your mother? " Warlord Lionel asked withdrawing from the hug he engaged with his daughter, The Maids bowed before them as they passed in other to do their separate duties in the mansion. " She went out with wives of the remaining warlords, They are having a strange meeting which I don't know father " Pearl answered with smiles beaming all over her face. " Where have you been father? " " I have been in the Palace through out " Warlord Lionel answered with his back fully relaxed on his magnificent throne like chair, His Daughter sat beside him in other to hear the full gist of what happened back in the Palace. " So father what happened in the Palace? " Pearl asked. " The Emperor is dead " Warlord Lionel announced taken a deep breath meanwhile pearl gasped in shock of what she just heard, The Demise of the emperor together with his Prime Minister was kept hidden from the people until they all finalized what to do next. " What do you mean by that father? How can that be possible? " Pearl asked with the shock expression written on her face as she faced her father in disbelief. " I am saying the truth daughter, He died two days ago which is a mystery to all of us, the emperor's cabinet members are handling this situation before they disclose it to the villagers " Warlord Lionel answered not disclosing the cause of the Emperor's death which is the Tarokie poison. " So father, what did they say is the cause of his death? " Pearl asked still in shock. " You are just a woman pearl, the cause of the emperor's death is none of your concern, go look for something doing other than asking some unanswered questions " Warlord Lionel said with a sternful look plastered on his face. " But.. " " Don't question my authority pearl, do what you are asked to do and don't but me... You ought to know how vicious your father is " Warlord Lionel warned with his dark eyes glaring deeply into the eyes of Pearl and she flinched. " Yes Father " Pearl said standing up from her chair and she advanced towards the stairs in hurry, She knows what kind of beast her father is, He gives warning once and once it's been disobeyed. He slaughters without mercy...! Outland Scorpion Clan Lightning strucked down from the sky, A black crow landed down from the sky transforming into a man dressed in black robe which emitted dark flames, He passed through a dark barrier in the ancient woods and he appeared before the great scorpion clan. The Scorpion Clan popularly known for its darkness, The only clan powerful enough to withstand Prime Minister Pedro in a battle with his armies in other to merge them with the Selevrian Empire. " Who are you? " The Dark guards guarding the dark barrier asked, They surrounded the man putting on black robe with their swords which emitted dark flames ready to strike, The Captain of the Guards Emerged with a deep frown. " Who are you? " The Captain asked with a deep grutal voice which echoed around in the woods. " I am Dragonuv the dark seer of the dragons... Lord Brandon sent for me " The Old man answered with a calm tone, The captain smiled while he slowly approached the old man who stood still without fear. " Then show me an invitation " The Captain demanded stretching forth his hands. " Pardon, I don't get you.. What invitation? " The old man known as Dragonuv asked in confusion. " Lord Brandon always gives an invitation to outsiders if he has an appointment with them so we can let them to pass without been killed, Where is your invitation before I smite..." The captain couldn't complete his statement when a strong force sent him crashing with heavy thud. " Let him go, My father sent for him " A calm young man appeared with warriors clothed in red armours with mask covering their faces, Dragonuv smiled on sighting the young brown haired handsome boy in a royal attire. " But my prince, the law states that.. " The captain was about saying when a strong force blasted him away which resulted into bleeding, the captain coughed out Blood from his mouth and so as bloods which oozed from his lips. " Fvck laws you scoundrel, are you forgetting that I am above the law " The young boy said with gritted teeths, He is putting on a red royal attire with his sword in a shealth hang on his back like a ninja. " Sorry for the inconvenience caused by this lowly, Dragonuv my father is waiting for you " The young man said with smiles with his full gaze fixed on Dragonuv, His smiles were also known as one of his deadly weapons. " I understand that already Prince kyle but guards will be guards when it comes to their duties " Dragonuv stated trying to defend the weak bleeding captain who seems to be lying on the ground weak. " Guards my foot, All this pathetic fools deserves death and it's death they will receive " Prince Kyle uttered with darkness etched in his voice, a dark plasma ball shot out of his finger, the Dark plasma ball strucked the weak captain disintegrating the captains into orbits. " Kill them all " Prince Kyle ordered facing the red armoured warriors behind him, The Red armoured warriors charged at the guards slaughtering them without Mercy and Prince Kyle stood still watching the b****y killing. " Now Dragonuv.. Father is waiting for you " Prince Kyle said with his gaze fixed on Dragonuv, Prince Kyle created a green portal which sucked them all into it and they appeared mysteriously inside the throne room of Lord Brandon. " Dragonuv! I have been waiting for your arrival for months... Why did you rejected my summoning " A Dark grutal voice asked from the darkness meanwhile Prince kyle is no more in the throne room. " You ought to know that I am a busy man lord brandon, I am working on a project for my people " Dragonuv answered in a calm tone, with no atom of fear in his voice and that really amazed the dark voice. " Its a good thing you showed up Dragonuv, My impatience would have resulted you been my slave but I won't do it, I don't want any war between the dragons and the scorpion warriors " The Dark voice uttered in a demonic like tone. " Why was I summoned lord brandon? " Dragonuv asked sternly. " Good question Dragonuv, I want to know... " The Dark voice couldn't complete his statement when Dragonuv interuppted without fear. " Emperor Sultan is dead, Prime Minister Pedro Orlois is dead, He killed them " Dragonuv interuppted without fear with his gaze fixed on the darkness before him, He heard footsteps and a old man in his mid forties emerged out of the darkness dressed up in a royal dark attire and he had that strange dark crown with a scorpion symbol which glowed. He is the Lord Brandon..! " Who did it? Who has the guts to kill Pedro Orlois my brother? Who had such guts to kill an immortal who has aged for five centuries? Who is he that is so powerful to have poisoned Pedro Orlois? " Lord Brandon asked with his dark voice which vibrated the throne room and the candles surrounding the throne room flickered. " He is going to be your doom lord brandon " " He is the Dark One " " The one who has been awokened since the last war of the Tetraky " " For he is the Dark Lord "
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