Ferocious Beast

1757 Words
Clanging sounds of swords could be heard, Darkness crept into the heart of the village, Bloods littered with heads rolling on the ground, clouds of smokes covered the village meanwhile warriors continuously fell down dead. With just a single strike, Three heads rolled on the ground and their bodies followed, Derek emerged out of the darkness fogs with his dark glowing sword in his hand, He slashed two warriors with a heavy strike, The Strike Decapitated the warriors bodies into pieces. " No worries, I will make sure your deaths will be fast but merciless... You all must tell me who among you partook in the killing of my father " Derek uttered with a calm voice, bloods dripped down from his blade. " It only took me five minutes to understand that the ectarian clan partook in my father's demise, You understand who I really am right? There will be no mercy " Derek uttered, He cleaned his b****y sword with his palm. " I am telling you the truth derek, please don't kill me " The Clan chief who seems to have been injured brutally by the fierce Knight of the Severian Empire. " First offence is your lies, the second offence is not putting the Sire as a knight " Derek stated, with one single strike.. The chief head rolled on the ground in his own pool of blood, Derek ordered his warriors not to spare anyone, especially women. " This is just the beginning, I will make sure I burn down empires, kingdoms, villages and cities that has hand in the death of my father... They shall all see who the ruthless warrior is " Derek said with a dark grin. " This is just the beginning " Scorpion Clan Prince Kyle advanced towards his father's throne room with pride, Being the clan prince has given him so many advantages, He kills whosoever disregards or disobeys him, He is above the law while his father is the law. " Greetings prince Kyle " The Guards guarding the throne room said, their heads bowing before Kyle made them keep their heads for now, Kyle is a vicious being, He kills without mercy, It is said that his father trained him himself for fifteen years.. He is as skillful and deadly as his father. " Good morning father " Prince Kyle called out with smiles, The Darkness which covered his father cleared off immediately, Lord Brandon could be seen sitting on his throne comfortably with his cabinet absent.. He has having a comfortable time sitting and thinking about what Dragonuv told him. " Morning son, How is the training? " Lord Brandon asked. " The Training is ok father, but those pathetic bunch of losers won't let me have peace while training, They are so weak so I had to kill one to show the others that I meant business, I need sharp, skillful and strong warriors who will stand as my personal guards " Prince Kyle said with smiles, He is standing before his ruthless father yet he feared not. " So son, should I bring in the Masters of the scorpion clan to train your warriors? You are so stressed out and besides killing them won't solve anything son, Let the masters train them by themselves " Lord Brandon suggested but Kyle nodded negatively. " In as much as I want that to happen but I can't father, I could kill all the masters if I wanted to father, I want my warriors to be more powerful than the masters, I want all swords to bow before theirs except ours, You ought to know what I mean " Prince Kyle said and Lord Brandon nodded. " Hmm.. But how do you want that to happen? " Lord Brandon asked. " Good question father, I am going to teach them the first step of the viper techniques " Kyle said and Lord Brandon frowned. " I forbid you to do that son " " But why father? " Kyle asked. " You ought to know how powerful one those skills are, You ought to know how strong they will become if they master the first step, they will possess the first step powers like you did and they could turn against you " Lord Brandon said in a calm tone. " I know about that father, but don't worry about me.. They are bounded with me, Whosoever thinks of betraying me will immediately, The Tekaichi Skills " Prince Kyle stated with a smug and Lord Brandon nodded. " Have it your way son, You are the heir to the throne of the scorpion clan, You can do whatever pleases you except disobeying my orders..I will surely punish you for that " Lord Brandon warned and Prince Kyle nodded with his face filled with smiles. " So father, concerning yesterday.. Why did you summon Dragonuv? " Prince Kyle asked sternly. " My brother is dead, I needed to confirm that from Dragonuv " Lord Brandon said with a little bit of relief, meanwhile Prince kyle could be seen standing in disbelief of what his father had just told him. " What did you say father? How did you know uncle Pedro is dead in the first place? " Kyle asked. " My brother and I have a bond that indicates if we are in trouble so that we can help each other, When I broke his trust in me years ago during the war against the Severian Empire, He wanted to kill me but the bond saved my a*s and he spared me, His sword is more better than mine and I still don't understand why he hasn't taken the throne from that drenched fool called Emperor " Lord Brandon said. " I had that bad feeling about my bond with Pedro, That's when I knew that my blood brother is dead.. I summoned Dragonuv and he confirmed the death of my dearest brother.. I will make sure his killer is brought to justice " Lord Brandon said tightening his fist in anger. " But his son will do the vengeance, His son is just like his brother, Bloodlusted, Destructive and Ruthless, He is the perfect person to wreck havoc on the killer " Lord Brandon stated with a deep sigh, Prince Kyle stood still with his hands on his chin. " I am still confused about all this father, Aren't you Immortal? Isn't uncle pedro immortal? How can an immortal be killed? " Kyle asked in confusion, Lord Brandon heaved before standing up from his throne. " Yes, I am immortal, Pedro is an immortal, but what you don't understand is that immortals can die except a pure immortal... We weren't born immortals but we acquired it son, Mortal swords can't kill us including immortals weapons, We had just one weakness and we destroyed all the weakness but there is just one weakness that is capable of killing us " " What weakness is that father? " Prince Kyle asked. " The Tarokie poison! The Killer knows my brother is an immortal so he used the most deadly lethal poison in the universe to poison my brother, Whosoever the killer is, He is going to be one deadly person " Lord Brandon said. " Are you the next target father? " Prince Kyle asked. " No son, I am not a threat to the killer because I have no business with the outside nations, Even my brother death, though it is my concern but I shall not revenge, That's not my style of ruling son, The Killers know that " Lord Brandon said with smiles. " I have a question father? " " Ask your question son, There is no need to fear " " Am I also an immortal father? " . . . Unknown Dark Realm A realm filled with complete darkness, growling sounds of dark creatures with demonic auras, At the Center of the realm..A Gigantic temple could be seen as it is completely covered with dark smokes. Black portal appeared before the gates of the temple, A Young woman clothed in black armour advanced out of the black portal and the portal closed up immediately, The Gigantic gates opened up by itself and the woman walked in without fear. The Temple is filled different species of both monsters and warriors in different colors and designs of armours, The Door opened up revealing the young woman, Everyone present in the dark temple bowed before her, Except for some high ranking Personel. " Welcome Lady Shiva of the Ninja clan, The Dark one seeks answers from the orders given to you " A dark venomous voice spoke out, An old man holding a scepter walked up to her and The young woman recognized as Lady Shiva nodded. " I bring goodnews before thee, Summon the dark one " Lady Shiva said in a calm way, Her angelic but destructive tone ordered and the old man holding a scepter nodded with dark smiles which crept on his face. " Very well then, I shall summon him before thee " " Hell de predogon, Bring forth the dark one from the flames of hell, Extetra velox espredon dos... O Ye Dark One! Your servants summons thee " The Old man roared stretching forth his dark staff and lightning strucked the golden wall before them. " Shiva! Have you completed the conquest? " A Dark Horrific, Destructive and Unpredictable Voice asked.. The Voice shooked the building to its very hinges, Lady Shiva approached the very golden wall which is before her. " Yes Dark One, I have succeeded in poisoning my husband and his useless friend the Severian Emperor, Why will you assign me to kill my own husband? " Lady Shiva asked in fury, Laughter erupted from the golden wall. " It's good watching a wife poison her husband when she loves him " The Dark voice answered. " You knew I loved him, yet you ordered for his death, Why will you even want him dead? " Lady Shiva asked furiously but a strong Force blasted her to the wall, She crashed down weakly. " question time is over shiva, Now that Pedro is out of the way... It's time to begin my ultimate plan, Hahahahahahahahahahaha... The Severian Empire shall crumble before me and they shall all know who the real destroyer is " The Dark voice spoke out with authority. " Then they shall see the manifestation of the dark one "
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