Relentless Warrior

1920 Words
News about the ruthless killing of Sir Derek spreads like wild fire, Those who detested him feared Hum the most, Killing both children, women and innocent men in the clan just because his father was poisoned and the clan has a hand in the demise. Few Empires banned their people from Entering the Severian Empire just because of the ruthless and brutal warrior, Known for his unending brutality, Derek Orlois is popular in all Empires, Clans and Kingdoms. Reports says that the vicious knight is on his way to his own City, The Telphon City. The which is gifted to him by his father is one of the most destructive, beautiful and tormenting city, Not for the Citizens but for the outsiders. Derek has his own rules guiding his city, Long ago Prime Minister Pedro Orlois redrew the city name from the Severian Empire which makes it that the city is not under any Emperior control, The Seal of Odysseus which is created to guard the city from intruders when their ruler is absent. The seal is no weak seal that can be breached or destroyed, once the seal of Odysseus is created.. The Master must have to die for the seal to varnish and you all know what will happen to any body who dares attack Derek. Many brave men have tried attacking Derek but their heads are all displayed and hung on the walls of the Telphon City, Even though Derek is feared among knights and warriors, Some hot girls still finds him attractive because of his Handsomeness. Derek bows to no one except his father, His father is dead which means there is no body in the Empire that could control the doings of the dreaded knight, Derek is one being who finds the throne of the Severian Empire less attractive... He hates being an Emperor. The Royal Palace The Councils of the empire rode their horses into the castle with their guards behind them, All the guards guarding the empire bowed before the councils in Honor and respect, Whosoever that does not bow before them will surely be beheaded. " Your Lordships, The queen is in the throne room and she orders us to bring you before her " Five high ranking officials walked out of the Mansion with their silver armours and their badges which indicated their ranks. " Very well then, Show us the way " Lord Akashi said with smiles, The council members all together are twenty-five with Lord Akashi the ordained head of the councils of the Severian Empire. The Empire Ranks are divided into two, Warriors and Political leaders, The Political leaders are divided into three, Which are the Elders, Cabinet members and the council members with their different ranks in the league of high ranking officials, When there is problem in the Empire, It's mostly the Councils the emperor summons. The Five high ranking warriors led the councils into the throne room, The Queen is seen sitting down comfortably on her throne while prince Finn is seen standing beside his mother and waiting patiently for the arrival of the councils. " Your grace, you summoned us " Lord Akashi said referring to Empress Cassie, Prince Finn frowned in anger of not been recognized by the Leader of the councils, but he dares not attack the councils.. He will surely be punished heavily for that or his position as the crown prince can be stripped away from him. " I see, the councils are so arrogant to greet a higher superior which is me " Prince Finn said with pride, Lord Akashi rolled his eyes away from Prince Finn who seems bossy this time, Prince Finn is nothing compared to Lord Akashi fighting skills... He is too deadly. " You are nothing but a boy to us Finn, The councils have lived long even before you were born, We ordained you the crown prince when your father begged us to, We are the higher superior here boy " Lord Akashi replied sternly. " How dare you? " Prince Finn asked rudely. " Will you shut up Finn, One more word from you and I am going to lose it, I didn't summon the councils here to respect you, They are here for some specific reasons and you need to be calm " Empress Cassie spoke out with a calm voice. " Now to you the councils members, I summoned you here because of the horrible news which I heard yesterday, Derek Orlois is going rogue day by day...What shall we do about this? " Empress Cassie asked. " Empress Cassie, Sincerely speaking there is nothing we can do about it, The boy is suffering the trauma of his father's death, He loves his father..." " He loves his father and so what, Does that give him the right to s*******r anyone it pleases him to s*******r? He massacred a full clan without mercy and you called that trauma, He is a psycho and he needs to be punished " Prince Finn interuppted in anger. " You are jealous of his popularity Finn, You are jealous because he would rip you apart once he hears all what you just said to me, Been jealous is not the way to handle all this things Finn " One of the councils said without fear. " Silence everyone, Lord Akashi what Is your say on this matter? " Empress Cassie asked looking straight into the eyes of Lord Akashi, Lord Akashi is made the leader of the councils because of his wisdom and skills. " I say we do nothing about it your grace, This is no ordinary warrior we are talking about your grace, He is the Prime Minister son and above all he is the most dreaded knight feared and respect for his ruthless lifestyle...It will bring destruction upon us if we attack him " Lord Akashi suggested and The Empress smirked. " Very well then, We shall remain calm concerning the situation on ground, But come to think of it when will my son be crowned the new Emperor of the Severian Empire? " Empress Cassie asked sternly. " It's not that easy my queen, We need to see to it that the emperor and his loyal subject are all buried in a upright manner, Then we will begin the coronation of Prince Finn over there " Lord Akashi said with smiles. " Very well then, so when will the king and the Prime Minister be buried? " The Empress asked. " Not now your grace, The Custom says that if the emperor dies a normal death, Then shall he be buried in the night of the full moon, but if the emperor dies a mysterious death, Then until the killer is brought to justice together with his family before the emperor shall be buried, The Emperor will be kept in the Obituary till we bring the killer to justice... That's the law " Lord Akashi said with smiles. Telphon City Derek's Palace Derek could be seen meditating in his bedroom while sitting on the bed with crossed legs, The quiet meditation which is calming his body down is swiftly interuppted, Derek groaned in anger as the maids interuppted his meditation with their knocks. " What is it fools? " Derek asked furiously, The Maids bowed before him after he had opened the door of his Bedroom. " Your food is ready your grace " the first maid said with fear, She knelt down before derek in other to live because she knew that she Had interuppted his meditation, Five maids did that also and their heads were no more. " I am sorry my lord, please forgive me for interrupting your meditation " the first maid said in fear, Derek only smiled and he shut the door immediately, After two minutes Derek opened the door back with his sword in his hand. " Do you think that begging for your puny lives will let me spare you? Na.. You interuppted my meditation and it is punishable by death " Derek uttered with venom, before the maid could say something.. Her head rolled on the floor and her blood splashed on the ground. " Feed her to the tigers " Derek ordered with authority, He climbed the stairs down to the dinner table to see his best friend Nicklaus and His three commanders eating together and gisting in happiness. " Good morning bro, So who did you kill today? " Nicklaus asked as Derek approached them, No doubt Derek sword is b****y so that shows Derek killed someone. " Morning Nicklaus, How did you know that I killed someone this morning? " Derek asked relaxing on the dinner table, The Maids brought in their Master's food shivering in fear of been killed. " Your sword is b****y bro, I guess you slaughtered one of the maids that interuppted your meditation right? " Nicklaus asked and Derek nodded dismissing the maids from their presence and he started eating. " You ought to know how much I hate been interuppted by someone as low as a stupid maid, My meditation enhances my body so interuppting my meditation is a death penalty to them all " Derek said with smiles. " OK bro, I understand you " " I am leaving " Derek spoke out. " Pardon, Leaving to where? " Nicklaus asked in confusion. " I am leaving the city, the Empire for a year bro " Derek answered and Nicklaus gasped in shock, Derek never told him about leaving, so why will he be telling him this minute, why not tell him two months ago. " Derek I still don't understand what you are saying, What do you mean by you are leaving for a year? " Nicklaus asked in confusion, Derek kept mute and he signalled his commanders to leave them and they did with immediate effect. " Something came up nicklaus, I need to leave everyone for a year before I will kill and m******e everyone in this Empire and the other Empires out of anger, I need to cool my anger and I need a perfect place to practice... You need to understand me Nicklaus " Derek said and Nicklaus frowned. " but you still haven't taught me the dark circle skills Derek, You promised me that you will teach me, You know I need that skills " Nicklaus said in anger and Derek sighed deeply. " But you were taught how to use your sword perfectly, The Knights masters taught you everything you need to know " Derek said and Nicklaus hissed with deep frown. " Yes they taught but didn't you see how I was injured in the war against those rebelling kingdoms, I was severely injured and your saved me, you had no single scratch on your body, Please I need that skills that will make me invincible like you " Nicklaus said in a pleading tone. " Very well then, First thing tomorrow morning, I will be taking you somewhere that will make you invincible like me " Derek said and Nicklaus jumped up in happiness. " By the way, where are we going to? " Nicklaus asked in confusion and Derek smirked deviously. " Do you know where I was trained? " Derek asked, Nicklaus nodded negatively and Derek nodded. " Very well then, I will be taken to the most dreadful place in the world... The Kurugaya " " The Home of demons "
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