Home of Demons

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After two months, two weeks and five days, They finally arrived at the mountain Okre, The Mountain covered with darkness, Derek came down from his horse while Nicklaus is still on his horse in confusion. " Where are we Derek? I thought we are going to your so called Kurugaya, Why are we on this mountain top? " Nicklaus asked in a confused tone and a confused look on his face, Derek sushed him to be calm. " You need to calm your nerves down dude, we are in Kurugaya already " Derek answered with a smug, The confused nicklaus opened his eyes in shock, A green dragon portal appeared before them.. Derek mounted on his horse, Without delay they rode their horses into the green dragon portal which closed up immediately. " Wow, what is this place? " Nicklaus as in shock, His sharp eyes scanned the entire environment, Everything here is strange, nothing like the human world, The Mountain Okre is just the breach between the Kurugaya world and the human world. Different species of creatures, black dragons hovered around with warriors on each dragons, Demons with two horns practicing to sharp blazing axes, This is one horrific scene to behold, The world where he never knew existed. " This is Kurugaya bro, The home of demons " Derek answered, They passed too many ancient places, Dark Temples.. Everything in this world is inhumane especially the beings inhabitating the world. " So you mean everyone here is a demon? " Nicklaus asked. " You still don't get it do you? The Kurugaya is called the home of demons for a specific reason, A reason new comers like you are f*******n to know, Not everyone here are demons but many are demons, some are wizards, vampires, werewolves and so many more... This is nothing compared to what I know " Derek said showing him some warriors training with swords, they were covered in bruises. " Who or what created this place? " Nicklaus asked and Derek frowned. " Don't let your ambitious lifestyle ruin you in this world, This is not the human world where you will expect help from the Severian Empire, Without me here you are nothing, only I can protect you in this world " Derek said and Nicklaus hissed. " Whoever they are, Whatever they are... They are no match for the all powerful knight of Severian Empire, I am one of the most feared warrior in the Selevrian Empire, No puny weaklings in this world can hurt me " Nicklaus boasted. " Or you are the puny weakling here " Derek muttered. " We are here " Derek announced, He dived down from his White horse, Nicklaus came down from his horse in confusion, He scanned the entire environment to see a gigantic tower which appeared suddenly. " Who are you to come before the great master of chaos? " A dark voice asked, A strong force pulled nicklaus to his knees, Derek stood still with a sternful look on his face, He knew that unearthly voice too well. " Great master Ruan, It's I your ex student derek orlois " Derek answered, The Door of the tower mysteriously opened up by itself, A strong force pulled derek and nicklaus into the tower and the door closed up immediately. " Where am I? " Nicklaus asked himself, Everywhere was covered with complete darkness.....One by one, Everywhere candles in the great hall were all light up by unknown fire, Runes displayed on the walls of the great hall. " Derek Orlois! What brings you before me? " The Dark voice asked, Nicklaus cringed in fear as he held tightly to his sword shealth in other to defend himself when he is being attacked, He has never feared for his life before like this. " Great master, it would be my pleasure if you reveal yourself to me....Your true apprentice wants to see your face once again " Derek said, The Dark voice bursted into an overwhelming laughter, A silver floating throne appeared on the air. " Of course I will give you the honors of seeing my face once again derek orlois " The Dark voice said with authority, An old man with white beards appeared on the silver throne, Derek forced nicklaus to his knees bowing before the old man. " So what's brings you here derek? " Great master Ruan asked, The Kurugaya world is controlled by five great masters and the twenty five elders who proclaim judgement on the sinners in the Kurugaya world. " I came here because of... " " Who is this puny mortal beside you? " Great master Ruan asked with his gaze fixed on nicklaus, sweats tricked down from the face of Nicklaus but Derek intervened with fake cough in other to get the attention of Great master Ruan. " He is my friend Great master Ruan, He wants to... " " You want me to train him right? But sadly I can't train weaklings like him, He has no single powers in him, No single auras or prowess, one single strike from my hands could decapitate into two... He doesn't deserve my training " Great master Ruan interuppted not letting Derek complete his statement. " But he is eager to learn the skills great master, When I was brought into this world by my father, I had no powers nor skills, The Great master all together taught me everything that I need to know, He needs to know how to fight and I urge you to train him " Derek said in an authoritative manner. " You know you are the only one that can speak to me in that manner and still live to tell the tale, What skills does he have in mind to train? " Great master Ruan asked sternly. " The Dark circle warrior mode Great master " Derek answered, Great master Ruan stared at Nicklaus with his hands on his white beards, Great master Ruan is one tough immortal master who has lived for twenty-two thousand years. " Very well then, I shall take him in as my apprentice... Let me see how skillful and powerful he is " Great master Ruan said, He Teleported himself before Derek, Derek moved back which made Nicklaus confused. " What are you doing derek? Why are moving back? " Nicklaus asked. " The Great master desires that you should kill him, He wants you to attack him " Derek whispered, Nicklaus turned to see Great master Ruan on his feet, Nicklaus brought out his mortal sword from his shealth, He stationed himself ready, Slowly moving towards the direction of Great master Ruan. " Ahhhhhhhhhh " Nicklaus roared, He charged at great master ruan with his sword in a striking position, He swinged his sword fiercely In other to slice of great master ruan head but great master ruan stopped the sword halfway with just a thumb. " What! How is that even possible? " Nicklaus asked in disbelief. Great master Ruan caught his fierce strike with just a thumb, He didn't even move one bit, Great master Ruan chuckled loudly, His thumb which held the sword released a force which blasted nicklaus away. " using earthly sword to attack me is one foolish idea " Great master Ruan mocked, Nicklaus stood up in shock, His sword is broken into pieces by that one thumb force, He brought out two daggers from his body and he charged against Great master Ruan. " Pathetic, is that all you got? " Great master Ruan said in a mocking manner, the enraged nicklaus tried using a back hand grip to stab great master ruan with his sword but the master stopped it midway with just a thumb. " Getting hard training from mortals makes you an insignificant fool, You are nothing but an ingrate " Great master Ruan said, A mighty hand punched him from the ground and he hits the ceiling receiving a massive hit which knocked him out immediately. " Your friend is a weakling derek, He has no skills to defend himself from the bullies in this world, I will ban him from leaving this tower not until he becomes strong enough to defend himself, I think I know the exact training he deserves " Great master Ruan said with smiles. " Very well then great master ruan, I need to make it known of his presence to the elders....I am heading towards the watch tower to see the elders " Derek said, He walked out of the tower which mysteriously varnished into thin air. " See you soon nicklaus, I need to go " Derek said, he whipped his horse...The Watchtower is twelve miles from there, He needs to hurry before it's noon, The watchtower closes up immediately it's seven. Fast Forward Derek arrived at the watchtower before seven, After been called upon and scanned by the watchtower warriors, Derek is finally given chance to enter the watchtower to see Elders in other to announce his best friend arrival. What derek do know is that nicklaus is going to suffer the same fate his father made him suffer, He trained under the five great masters for fifteen years, Mastering many skills both dark and light, Starved for three years with hard punishment and training. Why won't he become ruthless! The Kurugaya world known for its destruction, the world is always a quiet place because all masters have their own invincible towers where they train without mercy, its not about the appearance of the place. It's about the brutality of the masters and nicklaus is about to suffer the worst training of all, The Dark Circle warrior mode, one of the top disastrous skills in martial arts with his sword in his hands... He will be invincible before the humans. The Question is... Is he fit for the training? This is the home of demons!
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