Who has Venom?

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The tragic news of the death of lord Akashi daughter was all over the empire and across the nearby empires and cities, The cabinet members, Councils and the warlord summoned Warlord Lionel to the palace because of the news. All the high ranking officials were sitted in the throne room and they all faced the empty throne, Lord Akashi the head of the councils could be seen sitted with anger, Empress of the Severian Empire walked into the throne room with the heir Prince Finn by her side. Prince Balor walked in minutes after he mother and his elder brother had entered into the throne room, All the fourteen warlords, twenty-six councils members and the twelve cabinet members where present except for the kings and village chiefs which are not permitted to partisipate except they are been called upon. Everyone is sitted waiting for the arrival of the head of the warlords, Warlord Lionel walked in with blue warlord attire, His trained warriors halted and the warlord walked into the throne room, All eyes were on him especially Lord Akashi. " The Elders, you sent for me " Warlord Lionel said in an humble manner, The elders were sitting before him, The warlords head bowed before the elders and he stood up back with pride, His eyes scanned the entire throne room. " I guess you know why we summoned you right? " The first elder asked, Warlord Lionel nodded negatively causing the high ranking officials to mumure and whispered among themselves, Warlord Lionel knew why the elders summoned him but he wants to hear from the horses mouth. " I am very sure you know why we summoned you but you want us to tell you, We will tell you because we were the one who summoned you, You rejected the orders of the empress because she has no right now to proclaim judgement upon you right? " The second elder asked. " I didn't come all the way down here to answer your useless questions elders, You said it is an impromptu summoning that there is penalty if I fail to present myself before you, Now that I am here, Go straight to the point " Warlord Lionel said with courage. " Very well then Lionel, We called you down here because of the news concerning the death of the councils head daughter, Your daughter beheaded debra the last daughter of Lord Akashi " The first elder said. " I know about it elders but there is nothing I can do about it " Warlord Lionel said, Lord Akashi growled in anger, He stood up from his chair and he walked towards the direction of warlord Lionel in anger. " There is nothing you can do about that Huh? Your daughter beheaded my last daughter, The daughter of the whole mighty lord akashi the leader of the councils, Are you nuts? " Lord Akashi asked in anger. " You failed to admit it that your daughter is a bully, She sheds innocent bloods, Bully the sons and daughters of the lower ranking officials in this Empire but everyone did nothing about that, Your daughter challenge and dared my daughter and she met her waterloo...." " I see no sin in what my daughter did " Warlord Lionel added, " I would have demanded for your head if you were just an commoner, I would slaughtered all your family that there will never be a generation of you, You would have been dead already if you aren't the head of the warlords " Lord Akashi said in anger. " You know Akashi, you understand that your daughter needs to die for people to have peace, your daughter is evil and still you are defending her, You are just a petty weakling before me Akashi.. There is nothing you can do to hurt me " Warlord Lionel boasted. " I demand a compensation for my daughter's death great elders " Lord Akashi said with his gaze fixed on the five elders present in the throne room, Another set of battle meanwhile the emperor and the Prime Minister is yet to be buried. " Of course I will compensate you for my daughter's bravery lord akashi, I will sacrifice forty bullocks before the Pregan goddess of fate Vaos to cleanse Debra's heart and to grant her passage to the heavens " Warlord Lionel said in a mocking manner. " Yes you will be compensated akashi but when do you need from lionel in other to determine the weight of the compensation? " The fourth elder asked and Lord Akashi smirked. " I demand pearl dominique, the only daughter of warlord lionel be sacrificed before Vekan the god of chaos " Lord Akashi said and everyone gasped, Warlord Lionel brought out his sharp sword from his shealth on his shoulder and he pointed his sword towards Akashi. " This will be the last time I will hear those words akashi, your daughter has caused so many commotions since her birth, She is your last daughter and I have only one, Don't force me to chop off your head with this my ancient sword " Warlord Lionel warned with venom. " That's all I desire from you elders, that I sacrifice the warlord daughter before my god Vekan, Else there will be war between my household and the Warlord's own, See to it that my request is granted " Lord Akashi stated and he walked out of the throne room. " This Is really funny, You all should try and attack my daughter, I will see to it that your heads are plastered on my gates for the world to see, No one must attack my daughter, This is my last warning " Warlord Lionel said and he went out of the throne room. " See to it that a new emperor is crowned, We are not in the right position to declare judgement between the two major officials in the empire, This is a burden we can never bare " The first elder said and Prince Finn smirked. Very soon, He will become the emperor of the Severian Empire and all forces will bow and worship him. He has his dark plans which will be activated the moment he is crowned the ruler of the empire, there is no one that would dare challenge his authority because he will be the Supreme ruler over all. ???Ninja's Empire??? The ninja empire is located on the mountains, The Mountains surrounded by highly trained ninjas with powerful skills, The Empire has a seal that repells enemies and strangers, in other to enter the empire... You must have been granted a passage by the ninja guards. Warriors moving around in their black ninja outfit, their swords hanged on their backs while the villagers roam around freely, children playing around happily with their animal pets, Market traders were pretty occupied with their works. The Dark castle of their empress is spotted on the great mountain f*******n to commoners and lowly, once a lowly steps his foot on the dreaded mountain, He gets burnt up by the mountain flames and his family will be beheaded by the law created by their empress. Inside the great dark castle, Ninjas could be seen guarding each located door in the castle, the building has the perfect interior design and graphics, long lost artifacts hidden from the people were placed in the castle. The Throne room door opened up, Two ninjas walked in fear and trembling, Different colored ninjas both red, yellow and green colours of high ranking ninjas, In the ninja empire.. All the high ranking officials are trained ninjas but not all put on ninjas outfit, Some wear their armours into the throne room. " Your grace an old man is here to see you, He says he is the monarch of the Lycans " The ninja guards said with their head bowing before the great throne before them, The throne is empty but they can sense their empress present in the throne room. " Let him in " A feminine voice ordered, The guards nodded and they walked out of the throne room, Seconds after their departure... The metal door opened revealing an old man putting in silk blue robe. " I have come all the way from the Lycan realm to see you Lady Shiva, reveal yourself before me " The monarch demanded...A gigantic plasma mirror appeared on the wall.. Lady Shiva face appeared on the mirror and the monarch frowned. " I didn't come all the way from my realm to this world, Just to see your face in a plasma dark mirrors " The monarch said, Lady Shiva smiled. " You are all dismissed " Lady Shiva ordered, all the ninjas officials exist the throne room without uttering a single word, the throne room became empty leaving the monarch of the Lycan alone in the darkness, Dark smokes emerged out of the mirror and Lady Shiva appeared before the monarch whose Face is plastered with lopsided smile. " It's good to see you once again Shiva, Why did you summon me? " The monarch asked. " My husband is dead....I murdered him " Lady Shiva said, The monarch smiled.. He walked up to Lady Shiva who sat down on her throne in fear, She loved her husband but has no choice other than to kill him... Orders from the dark one. " I know about that Shiva, Pedro's candle disappeared and that's how I knew he Is dead, but his death is not what you need to worry about, There a bigger foe you will need to overcome when the right time has come " The monarch said. " What do you mean by that? Who is that bigger foe that I will crush into pieces, I will destroy his household and his village, who is that bigger foe that is powerful than the empress of ninjas? " Lady Shiva asked and the monarch gigled. " Derek Orlois... Your son " The monarch answered and lady shiva frowned. " What do you mean by that? " Lady Shiva asked. " Your son has journeyed back to Kurugaya where his father trained him for fifteen years, He has gone back to master the ancient skills unknown to me, He bares Pedro's ruthless lifestyle, You don't understand what kind of powers he possessed....." " When he's returned back from Kurugaya, The killers of his father shall perish.. He will show no mercy to even the dark one who he is bounded to challenge, When your son is back from the home of demons " " Then you shall know who has venom "
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