A warlady

1744 Words
Warlord Lionel abode Silent reigned, Beautiful butterflies spread out in the sky... It's twelve midnight, Everyone is asleep except for the guards on duty, Strange footsteps is heard on the roof of the building... Five beings dressed in black ninja outfit with their sword behind their backs. They tip toed their way through the calm guards, Trying to take down the guards is a suicidal mission because those guards are heavily trained, Trained by the warlord himself, The five beings opened the door of the building slowly after confirming that the guards guarding the door were asleep. They all spread out In other to see if anyone is nearby, The leader moved as fast as a ninja, although he is dressed like a ninja doesn't guarantee he is a ninja, He is just a trained assassin in the league of assassins. They met themselves, All five of them after confirming that no one is coming, They approached the chambers of the warlord with silence that will make them unnoticed, They have been ordered to sneak into the warlord chambers and to kill the warlord. The Door slowly opened, The Warlord's chamber is one hell of a chamber, The chamber has space for training, Has library in other to read at his leisure time, This is one thing every oldies will be dreaming to have. The assassins rolled themselves into the chambers, They looked everywhere only to see the warlord sitting on his couch in his chamber, The warlord is putting on a blue pajamas with a dairy on his hands. The Assassins leader signalled the assassins to get themselves ready, Immediately he gives them the orders, They will rush and kill the warlord before he can even reach to were his sword is kept. " Before you even think of attacking, I am giving you this last time to leave this place while you are still breathing, I don't give a second warning " Warlord Lionel said stopping the assassins on their tracks, He is not even looking at them. The Assassins came out from their hidding place in the chamber, Their weapons ready to strike.. The warlord gaze completely fixed on his book, He didn't even mind that there are assassins before him ready to smite him. " You know something, I am still wondering how much your sender promised to pay you five that will make you risk your individual lives, You are literally trying to assassinate an assassinator in his own house " Warlord Lionel said and he opened the next page of his novel. " Whatever we are going to receive is none of your business Lionel, You are dying and that's all that matters " The leader said with boldness, They slowly approached the warlord who sat down carelessly... He knows what they are trying to do but he isn't bothered. " 5...4...3...2...1...Now " Warlord Lionel muttered, He caught the dagger thrown against him, Warlord Lionel ducked the sword attack while sitting down, He kicked the assassin with his leg, He caught another sword, Warlord Lionel broke the second assassin sword with only his grip. He rolled away from the couch when ten daggers where thrown against him, The warlord varnished immediately, He is inside the chamber but he can't be spotted that easily, The warlord whooshed and the light went off. Two minutes later the lights went back on, Bloods littered on the ground, The Five Assassins were all dead, Warlord Lionel could be seen sitted back on his couch with his b****y sword besides him and he opened the next page of his novel. Pearl walked in because of the lights that went off, She gasped in shock of seeing bodies in her father's chambers, The warlord smiled immediately he sighted his daughter who just entered the chamber in shock. " Who are they father? Are they innocent? " Pearl asked. " They are not innocent daughter, Akisha sent them to murder me while I am asleep, I decided not to sleep yet because of those assassins, They were so stupid to have entered into my mansion in such an amount, Very pathetic " Warlord Lionel answered. " Why does he seeks your life? Can't you butcher Lord Akashi " Pearl asked in confusion, She removed their mask to see pathetic and ugly faces, Warlord Lionel has been trained most times under darkness. "Lord Akashi demands you to be sacrificed to Vekan the god of chaos and I forbid it, If Akashi succeeds in killing me, Then sacrificing your body after being disvirgin will be easy " Warlord Lionel said with smiles, He bent down and picked up a symbol from the assassins outfit, He smiled and faced his daughter. " Akashi wants war and I will be the one to personaly destroy him in his own war, No one dares to challenge the ultimate dark warrior, He will feel my wrath " Warlord Lionel boasted, He went into his safe and he brought out his sharp sword. " My sword desires to shed blood, It's been long since I have she'd the guiltys blood, My sword isn't pleased with me, But don't warrior I will make you proud " Warlord Lionel said and he kept his sword in his shealth. " Where are you going to gather? " Pearl asked. " To Akashi palace, I am going to his house to warn him and failure to do that will cost him his life, I am not a patient freak who preaches peace, I am a preacher and Teacher of war... No one cross my path and ever lived to tell the tale " Warlord Lionel boasted, He mounted on his horse, Without hesitation, He rode his horse out of the Mansion gates. " Phew that was easy, My father would have been lying dead in his own pool of blood if he doesn't have those ancient skills he possessed, I need to be as powerful and stronger as my father is " Pearl said in a calm tone. Pearl was about leaving the chambers of her father until her eyes met with the library, She drifted towards the library in shock, She never knew her father has this numerous books in his library. " Humm let's me start with this shelf, This books is much.. How can my father has so many special books in his library " Pearl said, She climbed the ladder of the first shelf, Started her suspicious lifestyle. " Here we go, My father has so many books that I don't even know which one to select, Well there is the tales of the Echidnna, The Dragon Lords resolution, The lightning benders extinction and TALES OF THE WARLADY... Wow I am so much reading this " Pearl said in shock, She brought out a book with the title TALES OF THE WARLADY. Warlady's are said to have gone into extinction for years including the dragon lords and the lightning benders, Pearl has so much loved to become a warlady but it is said, only when a gifted woman possesses all traits and powers of a warlady shall she break the record of the Warladys and they will never be in extinction again. " I am surely becoming a warlady " Pearl said, She fell on her bed with the book on her hands, She made sure her father's chambers is locked with the keys with her, She doesn't want anyhow person to enter her father the Warlord's chamber. " Oops one hundred and thirty two chapters, This will be fun " Pearl said. Peruvian City The Castle All soldiers ready with their weapons and horses, Waiting for the orders of prince finn to strike the city of Telphon ( Derek's city), High ranking commanders ready with their troops, All knights refused to battle against the city of their fellow Knight Derek. Meanwhile in the Palace, Prince Finn silently opened his door and he walked out of his chambers, Dressed in his war suit and his sword to strike down warriors, He tip toed out of his room to the down floor. Immediately Prince Finn got to the castle door, The lights went on and Prince Finn turned around to see the Empress sitting down on the couch with her sleeping robe, She heard the warriors noisy movements and she decided to see what's going on. " Where are you going with the armies Finn " Empress Cassie asked sternly, Prince Finn heaved and he walked up to his mother without a single slight of fear in him, He knows that his mother always have his back all the time. " I am going to the telphon city mother " Prince Finn answered. " Do what son? " " I am going there to regain the city to myself, The city belongs to this empire before the Prime Minister gave the city to his own son, Now that their lord is away I will overpower the city and make one of my friends the Lord of the city " Prince Finn said with pride. " You are digging your own grave son, The city doesn't belong to this Empire, It belongs to the Orlois family, The Prime Minister defeated their ruler and he became the ultimate ruler before he handed the city over to his son, Don't dare attack that city, Derek will smite you " Empress Cassie warned. " I don't care what derek will say, I will be the handing over that city to my friends to rule and no one will stop me, Derek will taste my wrath when I become the Emperor of this Empire, He will understand what power feel like " Prince Finn said with pride, He walked out of the castle leaving his mother behind who gasped in shock. Empress Cassie remembered the warnings of the Emperor when he was alive, The vision of her son's is what she was trying to divert but now her son is going into the hands of the most ferocious knight in the world... Sir Derek Orlois. ' Finn is not the rightful heir to the throne, Derek is... I promised Pedro who made me an Emperor that his son will reign in my son's stead because it is his right, Finn is a pompous and prideful boy who will die by the blade of his enemy ' Those were the words of the Emperor when he was still alive.
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