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Peruvian City The Castle All the warriors returned back to the castle in defeat, No wounds, No bloods stain on their weapons... No single scratch on their Body, Prince Finn walked into the palace with frown plastered on his face. Empress Cassie is seen sitting comfortably on the queen's couch, The maids standing beside her because of her title as the queen and empress of the empire, Cassie has been sitting down all night long waiting for the arrival of her son. " Welcome back son, How is the attack? Did you take the city away from Derek? " Empress Cassie asked in a curious tone, Prince Finn frowned with his gaze fixed on his mom, He knew his mom wants to mock him. " No mother, That stupid godforsaken knight called Derek placed a boundary spell on his City, The sorcerers said that no one can break the spell except the spell caster is dead, We all know that killing Derek is not possible " Prince Finn answered. " Didn't I warn you not to attack his city, When he is back from wherever he went to, His commanders will tell him what happened and he will be coming straight to kill you, You don't know how powerful that kid is " Empress Cassie said. " You are overhyping that brat mother, let him come and see his demise mother, Whenever he is back from his trip, I will be waiting for him with my armies, That b***h must go down " Prince Finn roared in anger. " I am not overhyping him son, I know from the fact because I have seen the Prime Minister killings, He took after his father and I know what he is capable of, Besides why do you hate Derek so much? " Empress Cassie asked. " I had a dream that Derek will one day be sitting on my throne, I will be his slave and I will make sure I end him before it can ever happen, I alone will rule this empire and no one will dare challenge me " Prince Finn said with pride. " Calm your nerves down brother " A calm voice spoke out from behind, Prince Finn turned back to see the second prince of the emperor, Prince Balor of the Severian Empire, Prince Balor walked up to Finn with his hands tugged into his pocket. " You need to calm your nerves down bro, We all know that Derek or no Derek, you are the heir apparent to the throne of the Severian Empire, You are the true son and the first son of our father, you are the rightful heir Finn " Prince Balor said and Prince Finn smirked. " Thanks balor but you don't need to tell me that, I know my right and I don't need your support in this, I am a Lone Wolf...Mind your business Balor " Prince Finn said with pride, The unhurt Balor stood still with his face filled with dark grin. " Your pride amuses me brother but I will pass, I have no time to argue with a pride fellow like you, I have other pressing matters to deal with " Prince Balor said, He walked out of the palace without turning back. " What a pathetic being you are Balor, When I am emperor...your death will be the most amusing music to my ears " Prince Finn muttered with a smug, He climbed the stairs not even caring that his mother is in the palace. " His doom is near " Warlord's Lionel Abode The Warlord arrived late in the morning, He got down from his horse all sweaty due to the meeting he had with the elders and lord akashi, He gave the council head a very last warning concerning the attacks. " Welcome my lord " A brunette maid greeted behind him, Warlord Lionel turned to see the brunette and he smiled, His eyes scanned the entire environment to see if anything is unkept or Unstable. " Where is my wife and my daughter? " Warlord Lionel asked the brunette maid. " Your wife isn't back yet from the trip your grace and your daughter is in the training center " The brunette maid answered, Warlord Lionel signalled the maid to leave his presence and she did at once, Without hesitating one bit. " One tekenchi kick.. Two Virgo slam, Three Olaski flames " Pearl voice is heard from the training center, The warlord approached the training center with his face burning with curiosity, He knew something isn't right. The more the warlord approached the training center, the more the voice of his beautiful beauty became more louder, Warlord Lionel peeped into the training center to see pearl practicing with her gifted sword with a book beside her. Pearl did a stunning spinning kick, She quickly did two back flips with the sword in her hands, Pearl kicked the air four times, punched the air six times in other to understand some strange techniques, Pearl stumbled and was about to fall but Warlord Lionel caught her before she could land heavily on the ground. " Sometimes you need to practice your stance my beautiful devil, And what besides what are you learning? " Warlord Lionel asked with smiles, He lifted pearl back to her feet and she picked up her sword which she dropped after stumbling. " You are back father, So early " Pearl said and The warlord nodded, He brought out his sword from his shealth which is on his shoulder, His sword had twelve runes which made pearl amazed as the runes glowed. " What is the name given to your sword father? " Pearl asked, She made to touch the sword but her father tapped her hand off the sword, He swinged his sword skillfully, His sword sliced through the air with force. " Trust me you don't need to know my precious devil, My sword has been my companion for the eighty seven years of my life as a warrior pearl, No one can challenge my sword in a duel, I hate killing lowly with my blade, It makes me puke " Warlord Lionel answered with smiles. " What are you doing out here in the training center pearl? I thought you hate training how to master your sword, Why are you training all by yourself? " The warlord asked with smiles, Pearl grabbed the book before her father could even think of grabbing the book. " I know father, I hardly train but I need to be a powerful warlady " Pearl answered, She showed her father the book of the Warladys, Warlord Lionel smiled...He kept his sword back into his shealth with a broad smile. " You know Pearl, being a warlady and continuing the legacy of those warladys back then, You must be feared among the men, Show them all that you are not subjected to their commmand, Create your own armies and you must bring back the role of a warlady by under going the most destructive task ever " Warlord Lionel said with frown. " What am I going to face in other to become a warlady father? Don't remain mute father... I need to know " Pearl asked with curiosity burning through her veins, Warlord Lionel made to leave the training center when he felt a force behind him. Warlord Lionel caught a dagger thrown at him by pearl, He dropped the dagger and he turned back to see pearl who frowned, Pearl brought out her sword in anger... She made to attack when the warlord moved his lips. " You will face the three ancient demon vampires, Those were the nemesis that killed the last warlady before the title died down, In other to bring back the warlady title in the empire, you must kill the demon vampires... Trust me they are no ordinary foes, I didn't call them nemesis of the Warladys for no reason " Warlord Lionel said and he walked out of the training center. " Demon vampires, Here I come " Ancient Realm Lady Shiva walked out of the dark portal she had created from her palace to the ancient realm, She is a very known late comer whenever she is been summoned by the Dark One, She is the one that can disvalue the dark one and ever leave. " You came late again shiva, The Dark One will never be pleased " The dark sorcerer uttered with venom, Lady Shiva not minding the sorcerer, She approached the dark alter and she knelt before the gigantic alter. " You are late once again shiva, in as much as I have refused to kill doesn't mean I can't kill you shiva, You are forgetting the fact that you are already a part of this plan to eliminate all immortals from the world " A dark sterioc voice asked with authority. " I don't understand you ancient one, You told me that my husband will be the only immortal that will be killed because he is an hindrance to you, I have cleared him off this earth, what exactly do you want me to do? " Shiva asked in confusion. " I have a change of plans shiva, All immortals will surely stand in my way when I am finally free, They have lived so many years on this world of humans now, They need to leave and I have assigned my men to take each and every one of them out " The dark voice answered with authority. " Then why am I summoned here if you have taken care of everything? " Lady Shiva asked. " Yunno there is something I love about you shiva, You are a brave girl... I have watched your battle against dark creatures that's why I recruited you into my league, though I have assigned my dark warriors against some immortals but I want you to kill this specific immortal, All by yourself Shiva " The dark voice answered. " What's special about him that the others do not possess? " Lady Shiva questioned and dark laughter erupted amidst the clouds of darkness hovering around the glowing alter, Lady Shiva bent down in respect. " There is a different Shiva because you will be assassinating your brother in law, you must kill Brandon Jayden... The Lord of the scorpion clan "
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