He is Heartbroken

1942 Words
The lonely lord brandon is seen sitting down in the dinning hall all alone, His wife died minutes after giving birth to her only son, Lord Brandon cherish and loved Kyle all his life, Since his years of been immortal.. There is nothing as special as Kyle to him. Three maids walked with a bowl and trays on their hands, They dropped the plates, bowl and Trays on the dinner table, Perfect food for dinner could be seen littered on the dinner table which left lord brandon hungry. Lord Brandon was about feasting on the food when he felt something strange, The aromas of the rice cake prepared by the maids looking delicious but there is something about it, Lord Brandon lifted the bowl containing the rice cake up and he started sniffing it. " Tarokie poison, Seems the killers of my brother are after me... But I will play along " Lord Brandon said with a smug, His eyes glowed and the bowl became empty, No trace of lord brandon not eating at all. " Summoned the maids who cooked this dinner? " Lord Brandon ordered the two ninja guards he summoned, It took them ten minutes before they arrived at the dinner hall, Lord Brandon signalled the guards to go and they did. " You summoned us your lordship " The first ebony maid said with fear, Lord Brandon stood up from his chair with a smug, He walked up to the maids and he placed his hands on the maids shoulders causing them to shiver in fear. " I will ask just one question and I need answers without delay, Failure to do that will cause your lives " Lord Brandon warned, He released his hands from their shoulders with a smug, He turned his back on them with his head facing the ceiling. " Who cooked this rice cake? " Lord Brandon asked sternly, The dinning hall became as silent as a graveyard, The one thing lord brandon hates the most is when he ask a question and he fails to answer it... That's Death penalty. " I am the one who prepared the rice cake soup my lord... I hope it's delicious? " The second maid asked with smiles, Lord Brandon frowned and the rice cake soup appeared back on the bowl causing the maids to gasp in shock. " As you can see I haven't taste it yet, I want you to drink it now " Lord Brandon said with without smiling at all, The maid shiver in fear with her gaze fully fixed on the soup before her, Lord Brandon approached her in anger. " I can't my lord " the maid said in fear. " Why can't you drink the soup prepared for me Huh? This is no royal principles and doctrine, This is an order that you must obey, Don't force me to do what I have in mind " Lord Brandon threatened, He grabbed the maid after she refused to drink the soup for the third time, He called in the guards and they bowed before him. " Summon this maid family to my palace this instance and summon the executioner before me " Lord Brandon ordered, He throwed the maid on the wall hard causing her to spill out Blood from her lips, " You will tell me everything that you know about this poison woman, Do you think those petty skills of yours will work on me? By the time you watch your family executed right before your very own eyes... You will tell me everything " Lord Brandon said, He created a barrier blocking the maid from leaving that direction. " You are all dismissed " Lord Brandon said, He dismissed the maids who came with the other maid in captives, The maids left the presence of their ruler in murmuring and muttering amidst themselves. " I ain't gonna die like my brother b***h " Lord Brandon said, He walked out of the hall leaving the maid behind with the powerful barrier blocking her from leaving, After two hours of staying in the dinning hall...The guards entered the Hall, walked up to her and they grabbed her out by the others of their lord. " Where are you taking me to? " The maid demanded as they dragged her like a thief, She was taken to the throne room of Lord Brandon, All eyes were fixed on her... The shame and the disgrace brought upon her family. " Here you are scoundrel, It's time to face your judgement " Lord Brandon voiced out, The guards dropped her before his mighty throne, Lord Brandon raised his hand and the maid started levitating with his powers. " Do you know why I summoned you all? Do you know what her punishment is all about? " Lord Brandon asked and everyone present in the throne room nodded negatively, Lord Brandon relaxed his back on his throne. " She attempted to kill me off like the way my brother died, Her penalty is death... Behead her family " Lord Brandon ordered with authority, Three ninjas grabbed the maid's father who wallowed in pains and fear. All the cabinet members moved back in shock, The executioner entered the throne room in with his b****y axe for the execution, The ninja guards dragged the maid's family out to the execution hall, The cabinet members followed from behind with the rest of the crowd while Lord Brandon remained on his throne. " Whoever sent her really wants to kill me off like the way my precious brother die... But what they don't know is that I am not as foolish as Pedro, No one understands my true powers, My True abilities and skills " " The only one that knows my techniques and skills is my brother and I am happy he is dead " Lord Brandon muttered, He brought out his sharp sword from his shealth, His eyes glowed greenishly while he remained sitted on his throne. " It's about time the scorpions stop hidden from my dead brother... It's time I regain what is already lost, All my empire that was taken by my brother, It's high time I recover everything starting from the day my son returns from the f*******n mountains " " The Orlois family still remains a mystery to everyone " . . . Peruvian City The elders of the empire once again summons all the councils, cabinets members to the Great Palace, The Warlords appeared in the throne room except for the ultimate warlord, Warlord Lionel who has shown to respect the elders alittle and they don't dare attack him. After three hours of patiently waiting for the two higher authorities in the empire, Lord Akashi arrived after they all waited patiently for three good hours, Lord Akashi walked into the throne room with pride like he has won a war. " You are late once again akashi, Why are you late for the meeting? " The first elder asked with deep frown, Lord Akashi said no attention to the question thrown to him by the elders, He sat down with pride. " You are becoming to arrogant since the death of your daughter's death... This empire is on the brink of falling if you heads continue fighting, Why exactly do you want warlord Lionel daughter dead? She hasn't done anything bad to you... Has she? " The second elder asked. " You elders have proven to be a breed of injustice after the death of my daughter, Even though she has caused Alot of atrocities even though I am not in support of everything she did, The warlord daughter killed my daughter and she needs to die " Lord Akashi answered with venom. " We would have executed that girl if she wasn't the daughter of the Warlord's head, Lionel fought side by side with the emperor and his prime minister, It would cause war if we decide to execute her " The third elder said. Warlord Lionel walked in with smiles, He acted like he never had a beef with lord akashi, Everything would have resolved if the great general Orlando haven't gone missing all this while, Since the death of the Emperor he has been missing. The search party went in search for him with the permission of the emperors that are friendly, They searched empires upon empires, kingdoms upon kingdoms, clans upon clans and cities upon cities but he is no where to be found. " Chief Elders I am here, Why am I summoned the second time? " Warlord Lionel asked with smiles. Lord Akashi scoffed in anger, He tugged his hands into his pocket and he stood up from his chair in pride, The warlord seemed unbothered with what the council leader is trying to do behind him because he already know what to do. " Yes we summoned everyone because we need to discuss something important, Your conflicts is bringing down the Empires value and the warriors intentions to keep on fighting for the empires.. You two needs to resolve this issue right now " The first elder said with authority. " As you can see my lord, We aren't fighting at all... Akashi wants my daughter sacrificed in other to get back at me for bringing the most beautiful female in this Empire, I won't let him do that because he has three more daughters and that Debby is useless to him " Warlord Lionel said calmly. " Let me warn you again akashi, the day you send your petty assassins to strike me will be your doom, Hmmmm.. Or I guess your doom is now " Warlord Lionel turned back and he caught the hand of Lord Akashi who tried to stab him. " Let me go you fool, I will make sure I end your life and that of your daughter's, I will r**e your wife, convert your properties to mine and make sure your lineage ends with your godforsaken daughter " Lord Akashi stated venomously. " I know that you will die by my hands Akashi, but I definitely didn't know it will be this soon " Warlord Lionel said, He tightened his grip of Lord Akashi right hand breaking off the joints and bones which cause the council head to scream out in pains. Akashi knows that this is his end, No one to support him because the Elders already hate him... He has no friends because of the way he treats the councils, Warlord Lionel drawed akashi Closer and he headbutted him to the ground. " It's a good thing that you will be the first person to die by my precious dagger " Warlord Lionel said and he brought out a sharp dagger which hard runes, Lord Akashi tried running in fear but Warlord Lionel grabbed him immediately, Without hesitation Akashi gasped in shock as Warlord Lionel stabbed him with his rune dagger, Lord Akashi dropped down weak, coughing out bloods in pains while the dagger still remained pierced into his heart. " I spared you in other for you to see that you are wrong, that we do not need to fight over useless things like your daughter, Yet a selfish being like you wants my only daughter dead, From now on... Your properties, wives, daughters and servants belongs to me, I will head the councils and the warlords, You are such a fool " Warlord Lionel said and thrust out the dagger from Lord Akashi heart and Lord Akashi dropped down dead. " What a waste of time... He is such a fool "
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