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1 year later The Severian Empire changed as time passed, Warlord Lionel gained control over the councils of the Severian Empire and the warlords who he is ruling, The killer of the emperor and Prime Minister Pedro is yet to be revealed. The Elders had already lost up in finding the culprit and bring him to justice, The emperor body is yet to be buried until the killer is found and killed before the elders, They just have to keep emperor's dead body and the Prime Minister body in perfect shape even though the poison effects is interuppting their works. The Elders decided to crown prince finn as the new emperor even though the emperor is dead, A kingdom won't last long without it's king, So they must have a king who will guide them and control them in all way round. The Rituals as to be made, Prince Finn must kill the only three headed dragon who had lived for eight centuries, He has to bring the three dragon heads back to the empire in other to prove that he is worthy of been the next emperor. Warlord Lionel abode The gigantic gates opened up revealing five horses with horsemen wearing the uniform of the emperor's palace, Warlord Lionel guards bowed before the horsemen who came down from their horses with pride. " We have come to seek the presence of the warlord, Warlord Lionel and the council head " One of the horsemen said with pride, Two maids who sighted the horsemen with the emblem of the Royal Palace entered into the building in hurry. Warlord Lionel could be seen sitting on the dinning table with his breakfast before him, There is only one person missing and that is Pearl Dominique the only beautiful daughter of the dreaded relaxed warlord. " My lord, Five armed men are outside in the fields demanding for your presence " The two maids said in unison, Warlord Lionel dropped the novel he was reading with his attention fixed on the two maids. " And where did they say they came from? " Warlord Lionel asked. " No my lord but they have the emblem of the Royal Palace, I am sure they came from the city of the emperor (Peruvian City) and they seems to have high... " The first maid answered not completing her statement as warlord Lionel rudely interrupted. " That's enough women, give me two minutes... I will be right there " Warlord Lionel said in an outrageous way, He waved his hand signalling the maids to leave his presence before he would remove their heads from their bodies. " Thank you my lord! " The maids said in unison, They opened the door immediately with fear, Warlord Lionel continued reading the novel he was reading before he was interrupted by the two maids. ???Five minutes later??? The castle door opened up revealing warlord Lionel who walked out in his blue robe with different designs on its fabric, The five horsemen bowed before the warlord immediately they sighted him. " Greetings to you warlord lionel, We are the octerio messengers of the elders " " Greetings to you too messengers, Pardon me for my lateness to answer your summoning messengers, What is that news that brought you five all the way from the Royal Palace down to my mountain? " Warlord Lionel asked. " The elders sent us to tell you that the coronation of Prince Finn begins in the next full moon, You are the only one entitled to lead the crown prince into the dark desert to complete his task to prove he is worthy " The first messenger stated. " Oh I see, I don't even know if i still remember the way to the dark desert but anyhow... I will give it a try and besides you know that my daughter is still an higher official " Warlord Lionel said with pride. Speaking of Pearl Dominique, What has she been up to all this while for a full year, She has become too famous because of her new role... Guess her new role? . . . Neighing sounds of Horses is heard from afar, Warriors dressed in green armours...Both male and female, All riding different horses as they approached the village close by, Meanwhile a brown horse is spotted following them on the mountains. It took them an hour before they could get to the village, The watchtower guards of the village opened the gates allowing them to pass without been checked, The brown horse ran into the village before the gates could close... The horse has a mysterious rider. " We demand to see your village chief, We are the spectrum clan " One of the warriors uttered with authority causing everyone nearby to stop what they were doing, Murmuring and muttering became a plague immediately the villagers heard the name Spectrum clan. " Welcome to our little village great clan, I am paulo the commander and the heir to the throne of this village " An old masculine grutal voice spoke out, After ten minutes of waiting the village warriors finally showed their faces. The bearer of the voice is a chubby bearded but bald man who looks like a pirate, Paulo signalled his armed warriors to stop as he made his way to the clan members on horses with their symbols. " And why are the almighty spectrum clan in this local village of ours? I thought we are lowly and we deserved not to even see your faces, Why are you clan warriors here? " Paulo asked with no single atom of fear in his voice. " You are brave Mr paulo but we aren't here to play or joke around man, We have been assigned to take your chief to our custody for corruption and Treason against the house of the emperor... We are on the orders of the warlady " A feminine spoke out with authority, Paulo gigled after hearing the word 'Warlady' " Oh please don't make me laugh, We give no s**t about any warlady or warlord... I am talking to you guys with peace not because I can't kill you fools but I don't want to begin a war against an entire empire... So please leave " Paulo said with pride. " I think you didn't hear what we just told you, We are on an order to bring your corrupted and treasurous father to justice...The Warlady demands his presence immediately " One of the warriors said and the villagers laughed. " Don't make me laugh spectrum clan, Do we look like we cared about whose orders is it to bring my father to justice, We all know that the pathetic warlord Lionel daughter pearl dominique is your ultimate ruler, So leave before I lose it and kill you all " Paulo said and they all busted into overwhelming laughter. The mysterious brown horse came into the scene drawing the attention of everyone including paulo, What was in the villagers mind is who is this hooded mysterious person, The rider stopped the horse with his or her hoods on. " Who are you? " Paulo asked in anger, Silence ushered as the hooded figure sat on his or her horse not even moving at all, The one thing paulo hates the most is to ask a question and gets no reply. " I said again who are... " " You don't need to ask again fool, I am whatever you think I am Paulo Coelho am I right? " A charming feminine voice uttered from the hood, Paulo smirked and he brought out his sword ready to strike. " Wow a female! I guess you will be my s*x toy after all " Paulo Coelho made to attack the hooded female on the horse but he got stopped by a sharp arrow attack from one of the clan members. " No one messes with the queen b***h " The warrior said but the arrow stopped halfway, They all turned to the direction of the hooded figure and the arrow burnt into ashes, The hooded figure got down from her brown horse with pride. " Queen, he called you queen... Does that mean that you are the pathetic warlady pearl dominique? " Paulo asked, The hooded figure took off her hood revealing her beautiful face recognized as Pearl Dominique. " You guess right paulo, I will be leaving you only if you decide to hand your father over to me, I heard all what you said but I won't hurt you, Because I have no time for pathetic beings like you " Pearl said sternly revealing her beauty. " You are as beautiful as they say and you will practically make a good s*x toy and a mother...You are mine " Paulo said with pride as he slowly advanced towards pearl, The clan wanted to attack but pearl signalled them to remain calm that she got this. Paulo made to strike her with his sword but it was too late, Just a single quick strike from pearl's blade sliced his body into two causing the village warriors to gasp in shock as they all feared for their dare lives.... There commander just died with just a single strike. " Pitiful city, Sends for the whole clan immediately because after I have taken the chief hostage, I will make sure no one survives in this village, Kill them all... Both children, Men and women including innocent and guilty ones " " But My lady... " " There is no but in this warriors, My decision is final..." " Kill them all and burn this village to ashes "
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