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Pearl walked rode her brown horse into the gates of her father's manor, She still lives with the warlord despite her position in the empire, Pearl has gone through Alot to get and regain my back the position of the warlady. She fought unbeatable warriors and completed massive tasks given to her both by her father and the elders of the empire, Even in her status as the warlady of the empire... Many still finds her attractive despite her bossy lifestyle. " Greetings to you lady pearl " One of the maids welcomed her, Pearl got down from her horse likewise her guards she brought, While the clan members were busy brutally killing by her orders, She came to meet her father like he requested. " Greetings to you too maid, Where is Ziprah and Eprah? " Pearl asked sternly, Two guards directed her brown horse into the ranch were her horses were kept, If any of pearl's horses can die... Those guards will be killed also. " The warlord sent them on a message, He sent them to the city to inform one of the lords to bring to him their... " The maid couldn't complete her statement when a heavy slap landed on her face causing her to wince in pain. " Why my lady? " The lady asked in tears, She placed her hands on her cheek caressing the place were she was slapped, Damn pearl only slap cause this great mark on her face, Pearl felt no pity for the slap. " Next time... If I ask you a question, Answer the question and don't divert, I don't care whatever my father sent them to do, I only asked where they were you fool " Pearl said in disgust, She pushed the maid off her way and she approached the door of the gigantic castle. Pearl opened the door to see everywhere so messy, Her smiles turned into frown and her happiness transformed into rage, She will kill those pathetic maids her father assigned in the house, She just dislike them all. " I will so kill this fools when I get back, Firstly I need to see my father " Pearl muttered in anger, She climbed thirty stairs and she opened the door of the warlord chambers, She is the only one who would live even though she is disrespectful sometimes to her father. " Father! Father! Where are you? " Pearl asked, Warlord Lionel could be seen relaxing his back on a rose colored couch with his book on his hands and his sword besides him, He loves his sword kept beside him for certain reasons. " Oh my darling pearl I have missed you so do much " Warlord Lionel spoke out, Smiles beamed from the face of Pearl who heard her father's voice, Pearl traced where the voice came from till she met her father on a rose colored couch. " Greetings father.... You sent for me? " Pearl asked with smiles, She knelt before her father who later ushered her back to her feet, Sometimes pearl is a rude being and a little bit bossy but she is one of the sweetest thing someone could ever wish for, She is making herself feared in the Severian Empire. " Yes of course my beautiful pearl, you may sit down " Warlord Lionel said and pearl sat down on the couch close to her father, She paid keen attention to what her father is about to tell her, Either marriage or I don't know. " My beautiful pearl, you know the coronation of Prince Finn is in the next full moon and you are yet to see your mate, Queen Cassie demands that you be the pride of Prince Finn " Warlord Lionel stated with smiles, Meanwhile pearl countenance changed to anger and she spat on the floor. " Father I forbid you to say such words to me, Who do queen cassie think she is? Or is this the plan of Prince Finn who has been trying to woo me all this while, I have no business with the emperor's family my lord and I hate Finn the lousy fool " Pearl said in anger. " Of course I know that my precious honey pie, but I decided to let you know what those idiots are scheming my dear, I don't like prince finn either but I do know he is up-to something devious, It's a good thing I trained you well for a full year my darling " Warlord Lionel said. " What about the Telphon City father? Isn't the so called ruthless knight back from his everlasting trip? I want to challenge him in a duel father " Pearl asked sternly changing the topic of Prince Finn wanting to marry her. " No he isn't back pearl but I doubt that you will survive his attacks my dear, You need to get your mind off challenging him into a duel, He kills maids who distract his meditations, He has no restrictions and I knew that from his father Pedro " Warlord Lionel said. " Don't worry father, I have trained all my life for this....i have mastered all the skills you told me about, I am a powerful swordsman and I am sure I can defeat the dreaded knight father, I am the warlady of Severian Empire " Pearl said with pride. " Very well then, I strongly support you " Peruvian City The Palace Prince Finn could be seen standing in the empty throne room with his gaze practically fixed on the throne before him, The throne room door opened up revealing Empress Cassie who walked in with her daughter princess joyce beside her. " Why are you here brother? Your coronation is already announced by the elders " Princess joyce asked with smiles, Prince Finn turned back with smiles to see his mother and sister who strongly support his coronation, Well except for prince Balor his brother. " Where is Balor mother? " Prince Finn asked. " He is in the library as usual, I have tried all my best to make him just like you son, what his useless a*s does is to read novels upon novels, tales upon tales... That's why you are the eldest, He is too calm " Empress Cassie said and prince Finn giggled slightly. " I have waited for this moment to come mother, A full year and some months since my father's demise, The elders restricted me from the throne but now they have changed of heart, All I need to do is to prove them worthy and that's what I will do mother...." " I will s*******r that pathetic three headed dragon and I will present it's heads before the elders " Prince Finn said with pride, He clenched his fist in anger with his gaze fixed on the throne, If he sits on the throne before his coronation, He will be f*******n. " That's my son Finn, make your mother proud " Empress Cassie said with smiles, She knows that prince Finn is not the rightful heir to the throne but she will rather die than to watch the throne been given to derek in her son's stead. " What about her mother? Pearl! " Prince Finn asked. " Warlord Lionel has been told about it already, but he is yet to give me his response whether pearl agrees to marry you or not, But I do hope she agrees to marry you, She is good accent my dear " Empress Cassie said and princess joyce frowned. " Thank you mother, not only does she make a good accent, Pearl Dominique is the envy of this Empire, Her beauty caught the attention of many wealthy and powerful men including emperors, I must have her on my bed " Prince Finn said. " What's with you two and pearl? What speciality does she possess? " Prince Joyce asked with frown, She is getting pissed off with all the attention given to pearl, She dares not challenge pearl in other not to die the same way debra died. " She is a sweet angel with a dark heart my dear, She is the only beautiful damsel who caught my attention joyce " Prince Finn answered with pride, Princess joyce scoffed " I just hope she burns in hell " Princess joyce said and a strong force blasted her away. Dark smokes covered her causing her to scream in pains as she began to choke, Prince Finn hands glowed conjuring the dark smokes from his hands, Empress Cassie moved back in shock of sighting her son having dark powers. " Let her go this instance Finn " Empress Cassie ordered and prince Finn did, Princess joyce coughed out bloods from her mouth after prince finn let her live, Prince Finn hates when someone curse the thing he loves. " Where do you get all this dark powers Finn? I never knew you possessed dark powers " Empress Cassie asked in fear, Prince Finn smirked deviously... He walked up to where joyce laid weakly with her back on the ground, Finn eyes glowed darkly returning back all the energy he once took from her. " This is going to be the last warning I will be giving you Joyce, I don't care if you are my blood relation or not, Insult my precious pearl and I will make sure you scream out in pains till you die, I don't give a damn " Prince Finn said with pride. " And to your question mother, You wouldn't want to hear how I got my powers, I have my own dark side which I will never tell " Prince Finn said referring to his mother, He walked out of the throne room with pride. " I don't know what child the Pregan gods gave to me " Empress Cassie muttered in fear.
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